When it comes to the matter of Google Adsense clicks, the more the better.

However, when you have more Google Adsense clicks, that does not mean you earn more money.

Sometimes a single click can produce ten dollars in Google Adsense revenue, while a hundred Google Adsense clicks earn just a dollar for you.

Why is there such a difference in the value of Google Adsense clicks?

There are some well known factors influencing the value of Google Adsense clicks.

1. Placement of Google ads

Everyone knows that the Google Ads on top pay more than the bottom advertisements.

The reason is that the advertisers are willing to pay more money in order for their advertisements to appear on top.

You will hear the expression Above the Fold many times when you hunt for articles about how to increase Google Adsense revenue.

If you have a website or a blog, you must have some Google ads block on top, preferably in the top third of the page.

When visitors click on the advertisements above the fold, you will earn many times more than a click near the bottom of the page.

2. Keyword value

The second factor influencing the Google Adsense clicks is the value of the keyword.

If you write about investment, real estate, medical, lawyers and other financial articles, you will get more high paying advertisements.

The bankers, the lawyers and the doctors are rich. They do not mind paying more money for a single click.

If you think about it from their perspective, you can see the logic.

Assuming your article brings in sales to the personal injury attorney. He pays Google $40 per click, and you get half the amount. However, the single personal injury settlement produces a million dollars in commission for him.

What is the benefit of your article to him? Your article about personal injury attorney brings in a million dollars. Even after deducting the business cost, including the cost of the secretary, the private investigator, the electricity bill, and the $40 that he pays Google, he is still a few hundred thousand dollars richer.

What about you? You are $20 richer.

That is why you have to choose the keyword carefully. That does not mean you have to force yourself to write about something you do not know.

It means that you have to select the most expensive keywords related to the subject in your article.

3. Geographical

The next important factor is where your readers come from.

When an Indian reads your articles, he will see Google ads display advertisements funded by Indian lawyers.

Since the Indian lawyers do not pay as much in advertising fees as the US lawyers, you will get less money in Google Adsense clicks.

While you cannot control where the readers come from, you can control the usage of English language.

You can write in American English, so that you increase the chances of more Americans reading the articles.

Even though you cannot control where the readers come from, when they want to click on the Google ads, you can control your own effort.

If you want more Google Adsense clicks, you must increase the quality and quantity of the articles.

You must learn the trick of writing for Google Adsense. You must know how to use keyword skillfully so that the relevant advertisements will appear.

Luck is another factor determining the value of Google Adsense clicks that is beyond your control. You can only hope for more Google Adsense clicks. You can also pray for more for high paying Google Adsense clicks.