Google Adsense is one of the best options to earn extra money on your website. It should be mentioned however that with Adsense you are unlikely to become a millionaire, but with proper planning of your website and by following through on the plan you can earn a lot of money if you work hard.

How much can you earn?

The most popular question among those who begin using Google Adsense is “How much can I earn?”  As you already know, there is no concrete answer. In general you can expect to earn between $7.00-$12.00 for every thousand pageviews you have. If you are getting 3-5,000 pageviews a day then you can earn a lot. If your site is new and not getting very many pageviews then you will earn much less. The key to making money with Adsense is to ensure that you have a lot of pageviews.

How much you earn depends on many factors. It is clear that if you have a website with 10 pages, you'll earn a thousand times less than if you would have a dozen sites with thousands of pages. Basically, the more you have the content and how it is more interesting to others, the more you will be able to raise money from it.

Niche selection

When selecting a niche it is necessary to consider the fact that you are not alone in the market but that is definitely OK to work a saturated niche many people do not want to start a blog on a niche that is very popular. This is wrong because you should start a blog focused on a subject that interests you. If you find something interesting then you can and should focus your blog on that. As long as you write interesting and helpful articles you will get traffic.

The location of the ad unit

Placement of advertising material is essential. Everything is logical, it is best to place ads where it can best be seen, this significantly increases click through. Many websites have found that the closer to the ad text then the better the clicks thru rates are. You can look at the advice from Google in the Adsense, to see which places are considered better, and which advertising space is not worth using. This is also where a lot of experimenting can come into play as to choosing the best position for your articles.

Better Results CTR

Among other things, special attention should CTR (click-rate). We give a couple of options that could improve its value:

The optimal choice of size of the ad

In the Adsense already have a few ad blocks and you should understand that their effectiveness varies. Some websites do better with multiple add blocks and others do fine with a single ad block. Options are also available on the mobile targeting. While here you can play with, watch and it is possible that there will be more suitable ad selection options available. Once again it is vital that you experiment with the different options because what works good one site will not work as well on other sites.

Ability to select multiple units

There is a choice of several advertising options for placing it on the page, as follows: 3 units, 2 search string and 3 blocks contextual content. Units are available in the form of images and links.

Link blocks

Often ignored by many novice artists that option, despite the fact that this is more in demand. Everything is customizable such as the color, padding, and font sizes.

Appropriate selection of colors

What color to choose? The main thing to choose the color in the style of your design and do not abuse the readers readability by using crappy advertising locations because they simply irritate visitors.

About traffic

It's worth noting another important point is not to increase the traffic: you must first increase the CTR for if you cannot manage it, to sense hardly of this whole venture will be in general.

An interesting aspect is also free traffic that comes to your site from search engines. Such traffic is targeted and will more accurately provide the user what he needs. Subject to all of these rules, the site will be completely fit the bill for the promotion. In general, if you are not familiar with SEO optimization is the same with this start. You can also attract traffic from social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and others.


If something goes wrong, do not worry about it if you might do something wrong. There is a lot of trial and error to get maximum results of the chosen niche by changing the technical aspects such as font size, font style, and colors.


Many new bloggers begin experimenting with changing Adsense around too soon. If you do not have enough traffic then just leave it alone. Traditionally you may choose to run Adsense tests where you allow a certain design to run for 3,000-4,000 pageviews and then track it closely with the results and then make one other small modification and then continue tracking it.

If you are only getting a few hundred pageviews or less than there is no need to change anything because you do not have the sample size necessary. You goal should be to write a lot of interesting and unique content. Without a lot of interesting and unique content that is helpful to the reader you will not get traffic. Focus on getting traffic and then you can worry about the finer points of Adsense.

It is important to remember that even if you have not got your Adsense optimized properly in set-up and design you can still make a lot of money as long as you have traffic. It is imperative that you focus on building traffic and not worry as much about the colors and fonts used in the Ads. You can change and modify all this stuff later once you begin getting a lot of traffic regularly. If you got no traffic and no content and are experimenting with different Adsense layouts then you are simply wasting your time and will never become successful using Adsense. If you want to make a lot of money with Adsense then you need to create tons of interesting and useful content pieces for your website.