Can Google Adsense income become your main income source?

The answer for most people is not. Google Adsense income does not usually exceed $100 a month for most writers and webmasters.

If you are writing for Google Adsense income, you will notice the fluctuation in the monthly Google Adsense income.

You will find that sometimes a single click can generate more than $10. Sometimes a hundred clicks does not even make $2.

That is why hardly anyone dares to retire from full time work if their main source of earnings online is Google Adsense.

Most bloggers and content writers use a combination of Google Adsense and affiliate marketing to create passive income.

While they are confident of getting a click every day, they are less confident of the earnings.

What causes the difference in earnings per click?

1. Non organic traffic

If you rely on traffic from social bookmarking websites, you will find that the click through rate is very low.

You may have 1000 visitors to your article, and only 2 clicks.

The fact is that visitors from social bookmarking websites such as Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit are immune to the advertisements.

They scan your articles, and do not click on the advertisement.

2. Countries of the visitors

If your visitors come mainly from the Far East, you will find that the average click earns less than 5 cents. The advertisers in the Far East pay much lower for advertising with Google Adwords. That is why you earn less Google Adsense income.

If the bulk of your visitors come from Northern America and Europe, you will find that the average click generates more than 20 cents. Some clicks may earn as high as $10 per click.

3. Content

Your content plays a big part in determining Google Adsense income.

The high paying keywords are usually insurance, banking and attorney related. If you love to write about cats and dogs, your articles do not have the potential to produce more Google Adsense income.

It is better to focus on a niche that produces the highest Google Adsense income.

Having said that, it is hard for most of us to keep writing articles about criminal defense attorneys and personal injury attorneys. We just do not have enough knowledge to write using the high paying Adsense keywords.

If you love to write about celebrity gossips, you will notice a high volume of traffic but low click rate. The reason is the celebrity gossips do not attract high paying advertisements.

Readers are less inclined to click on the advertisement.

4. Age of the domain

If you post articles in a new website, Google is unlikely to place expensive advertisements on new website.

That is why it is hard for new blogs to produce substantial Google Adsense income for the bloggers. Many writers prefer to write for established websites such as Hubpages, Squidoo, Triond and Info Barrel for this reason.

They know that they have to work harder to get traffic to a new blog. They know that a click on a new blog is usually worth less than a click on their articles in established domain.

Many new writers find it tough to earn the first check from Google Adsense. They forget that Google never promises Adsense program as a get rich quick scheme.

Some writers write for a full year before they get the first check from Google Adsense. However, once they can get the first check, Google Adsense income becomes a stable income source.

A few creative and hardworking webmasters manage to make Google Adsense income the main source of online income. It is possible if you are willing to work for it.