Google Algorithm Update: What is Writing Quality Content?

If you have been following the farmer/panda Google algorithm change, you would have noticed that everyone keeps saying you should write quality content. However, what is quality content? Well, nobody seems to know. Some have said, quality is writing what people are searching for. There is a problem with that definition. That is because most internet users don’t have an idea of what they are searching for. That is why people browse the internet and not just search for information.

For example, some internet users will search for cheap wedding dresses. The first search result might come back with a Vera Wang search result about cheap wedding dresses. However, the person might still feel paying $500 for a wedding dress is not cheap. So the user moves on quickly. Does the search result return quality content for the user? That is debatable and that is where the problem lies with what constitutes quality content.

If you have noticed, Google never goes into details as to what it considers quality content and that is because people like you will be trying to game the system in order to place your site on the first page. The fact that you have grey areas when it comes to content and article marketing makes it more interesting and confusing. Those who have been making a living on the internet will admit that it is a case of hit and miss.

Google is not after quality content (contrary to popular beliefs). Anything to do with marketing and advertising cannot be held to the same level of quality like you would require of a PhD in rocket science. Quality content is a mystery that everyone thinks they understand until Google changes the game.

What can you do about quality content?

There isn’t much you can do about it. There is no need to be delusional thinking the content you have on your site is the best out there. You might write well and provide what you feel is worth reading. However, you are not the one to decide that your content is good enough. If you read tabloid press about celebrities and their exploits, you would have noticed that those who love that genre will consider them entertaining. Will you consider celebrity news garbage just because it is not your cup of tea? The fact is, your point of view doesn’t matter. If it makes someone rich and others happy, that is what “quality content” might be about.

Google is the Godfather of search at the moment and whatever it says stands. Do you hate Google? Well, it doesn’t matter because you need Google and it knows it.

Just remember this, if you write on the internet and you want to be read, you need to do what it takes to entice readers. You can take a cue from newspapers (tabloid!). By the way, quality content is not king. Content that lands on the first page of Google is king and that is what you should aim for.