Many website owners have complained about the reduced website traffic brought about through recent changes in Google’s algorithms. Smaller players relying heavily on content generation and link building feel the crunch. Bigger guns such as content farms and even expert guidance sites have also experienced severe drops in their traffic because Google has targeted sites seen as providing sub-standard value for the user. But with everything in life having two sides there are also sites which now feature at the top of search results because of the new Google algorithms.

How to Ensure Ongoing Web Traffic

Ensure that your site isn’t seen as a keyword stuffed, over optimised and sub-standard site by Google by doing a thorough cleanup. First check keyword density. The old style of not having more than eight keywords anywhere on the web page still applies even though most of us have pushed the limit a bit, especially when writing SEO copy for clients.

Write Quality and Not Quantity

SEO companies have promoted the notion that 350 word articles are all that a website owner requires to attract attention. Although 100% true, the problem with shorter articles is that one struggle to keep the page clean from keyword stuffing. With this it is meant that once you write longer articles, you can easily fit a keyword six to eight times. With a shorter article you can only go a maximum of five times including the title and any links on the page. Go more than that and you risk penalisation for keyword stuffing. Another problem with the shorter article is that it can hardly be used to analyse a topic or provide expert guidance. If it is written for the client, the marketing copy must also be included within 350 words. As such one has to agree with the Google algorithm choice.

Longer articles of 450 words to 1000 or even 1500 words seem closer to being complete and thus of value. Basically you will have to write longer articles which provide valuable information and not just something that has already been said elsewhere. Unique and original work will have more weight and besides, will also improve the credibility standing of the website with users as an authority on a topic.

Keyword in Domain

There isn’t much you can do about a keyword already in the domain, but exact domains may get penalised. Fortunately, the penalisation cannot be excessive and if you already have a keyword based domain then simply take the punch on that one.

Videos Should Go Where All Videos Go – YouTube

Website owners may experience a drop in traffic if their websites load slowly. With videos hosted at your site you may risk slow loading time and loads of bandwidth usage. As such minimize the risk of penalisation by creating a YouTube channel where your videos can be hosted and linked back to your site.

Facebook Gives Power to the Masses

Ignore Facebook and lose out on valuable traffic. Create a Facebook account with your website profile listed. Drive traffic from Facebook to your pages in an ethical manner. Remember that too many links from one site can be damaging for ranking. As such don’t simply use Facebook for link building, but also for networking.

Ease of Navigation and Design

A well designed website with minimal coding that can confuse the search bots, will still rank high. The Google algorithm changes will certainly also affect the websites which have several errors in their codes, are completely Flash based, and are not W3C compliant. Take the time to make the site as easy to spider as possible and reap long term benefits.

Value Links

Websites with loads of links from link farms and also too many one-on-one links may experience significant drops in visitor rates. Limit the number of one-on-one links and stay away from link farms. If you have top quality content on your site, others will eventually link to it, so stay clear of black hat link building techniques.

Numerous other factors will play a role in website ranking according to the new algorithm, but ensuring that your website meets the above criteria for inclusion in the top results of Google, should be good start.