Find a Google Android Developer

As the Android market takes off, it continues to capture the imagination of mobile phone enthusiasts worldwide with its wide range of features and large scope for programmers and developers.

Developed jointly by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes a Linux-based operating system, middleware and key applications. Android is based on the Linux kernel and GNU software and ships with applications that include an email client, SMS program, maps, browser, contacts and others. End user applications are built using the Java programming language.

Google Android DeveloperThe Open Handset Alliance categories are made up of handset makers, cell phone carriers, software companies, semiconductor/chip companies and commercialization partners. Companies like Aplix, Broadcom, eBay, Intel, Motorola, Sprint Nextel and Wind River are members of the alliance.

Android has a large community of developers writing application programs for the devices. Both Google Android programmers and Google Android developers can write software for Android and it also ships with some bundled applications such as a mobile browser.

Google provides an Android SDK (Software Developer's Kit) and ADT (Android Development Tools) to make it easy to develop applications in Eclipse. The SDK can be downloaded on the Android Developers website at

For Google Android programmers and Google Android developers some tools to have on hand include the Android software development kit, Eclipse for Java development and the Android Developer Tools that work with Eclipse. And because the applications made with Android are dependent on the frameworks, a knowledge of common, object-oriented languages like C++ and C# help quicken the learning process.

To get started, Google Android developers or Google Android programmers should prepare the development computer by making sure it meets the hardware and software requirements for the Android SDK and installing any additional software that is needed. Next the SDK starter package should be downloaded and installed and then the plug-in for Eclipse should be installed. There are tutorials available for detailed instructions.

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San Francisco based Android application development company Arctouch's team of Google Android programmers and Google Android developers will assist companies in developing a custom Google Android application. The company's expertise includes Android Software Development Kit (SDK); Java for Android development and native applications and hybrid native/web applications.

Google has turned out a platform for developers to generate mobile applications for just about every imaginable business and service. There are thousands of applications in the Android market and this year more than 20 new Android handsets are expected to launch, including Motorola's Droid.

According to one research group, Google's Android sales have surpassed RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone, making it the number one selling smartphone platform in the country.