Online social networking websites are becoming an increasingly important part of online interaction and marketing.  Recently Google Inc unveiled its project named as Google+, which has been designed to be the social extension of the search engine giant. This service is launched in order to contribute in social media of internet. After the successful launching of Google Buzz, YouTube, Gmail and other such networking sites, it is another service that is expected to be as famous as like other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Orkut was a step forward in social media. But after the dominance of Facebook, people left Orkut and joined Facebook. Now people have even forgotten their password of Orkut account. Google+ want that users back to their more sophisticated and efficient social media site.

The new service, Codenamed Emerald Sea has been perceived as the company’s most aggressive attack on Facebook command over online social media. Google launched its service softly in June 28, 2011 which was initially available to selected group of Google users as an invite-only ‘field trial’. It is expected soon this service will be open for everyone. After necessary changing, Google is expected to provide this service next month.

Google+ has a striking resemblance to Facebook but its clean, well organized interface and having new features such as Circles, Sparks, Hangout and Huddle contribute towards an interesting online socializing experience. It also has features like streaming feeds and specialized groups of friends. Every other feature that is available in Facebook, is also available in Google+ with more advanced and convenient way. They have tried their best in order to come on the top.

For beginners, Google+ allows users to categorize their contacts onto ‘Circles’. By doing so, users can share information with specified groups of contacts, rather than hitting everyone with their latest update at once. It has special features regarding the sharing of Photos, information and posts.

‘Hangout’ features live, group video chats, aiming to faster spontaneous meetings with up to 10 people. Users can also alert certain groups of friends when hanging out. In near future, this service will also be available in mobile phones with more features.

All in all, if an initial feature of Google+ is anything to go by, it seems that Google is making a well-thought out effort to extend its dominance into social realm. Then again, it’s not difficult for a company of Google’s size to make a social network. The challenge is getting enough people to use it and stick with it.