Google Driverless Car

Every time Google builds a new project, it is specifically designed to help the Company get more search traffic and or targeted ads for their advertisers. Gmail was started so they could not only serve more ads, but to also gain even more of the search traffic from people who were use to using Yahoo or one of the other search engines.

When Google began letting website owners put Adsense ads on their websites and share in the profit, it was designed to help Google get more money. Google also pushed to get their own mobile phone software, Android, into the market. Google wanted everybody to be able to search using their search engine even if they were not at home. No longer do you have to have a laptop with you in order to search.

Countless searches and Adword ads by Google are served up daily on the mobile Android operating platform. Every product Google has or creates is designed specifically to be able to serve more ads and or simply more relevant ads. From the Chrome web browser to GDrive, this is why I was confused initially about why Google would be so interested in “driverless cars”.

Google is dead serious about driverless cars, and last year even lobbied successfully for the State of Nevada to allow driverless cars. Why would Google be so interested in driverless cars?

The driverless cars have already been tested successfully in San Francisco, and if you have ever driven in San Francisco you know how hard it can be for a real driver, especially if you are from some other State such as Idaho.

It is being speculated that Google wants to develop driverless car technology so they can sell and license the technology to automotive manufacturers such as Ford and Nissan. This makes sense, however I still felt there had to be something else to it. Why is Google pushing so hard for driverless cars? Then it hit me.

I may be wrong, but I strongly feel that a driverless car would allow people to spend even more time using their laptops, Android Phones, and tablets in their car as they commute to work, wait in traffic, and drive to Las Vegas on vacation. Google is specifically looking at the aspect of getting even more searches done and more of their ads clicked on daily once driverless cars become more popular and are released into the mainstream.

I like the idea of driverless cars. It initially seemed strange. By then I came up with a fun list of the top benefits of Google Driverless Cars. Yes, the future will be filled with Autonomous cars with Google software. Robotic driverless cars will be here soon.