Are you tired of sending and receiving faxes with a fax machine? Who can blame you? Traditional faxing feels very slow, and surely outdated given the actual state of technology.  Email reaches the hands of recipients faster than ever thanks to high-speed broadband connections and smartphone technology.  It’s no wonder many entrepreneurs and professionals ask themselves: “Isn’t there a better way to handle faxes?”

 Well, yes there is!

 Thanks to Google fax, you can start taking care of documents in a safe and efficient way! In this article you will learn how to get started in no time!

What Is Google Fax?

Google fax is the ability to send and receive emails using your Google account.  This means that all faxes arrive as a digital file (a PDF) on your Gmail account.  Any fax you want to send will also be sent as an email, but will reach the recipient’s machine as a common fax – and with perfect readability and clarity!

What Do You Need To Fax From Google?

The first thing you need (besides a Gmail address) is an email fax service.  Current email fax providers offer a wide array of features and plans that are worth trying out. In average, plans cost around $10 per month, which includes around 500 pages to send/receive during that period.  I suggest though, that you take advantage of the Google fax free trials these services offer; that way you will be better informed to make a good decision once the time comes to start paying a monthly fee.

The next thing you need is a virtual fax number. But guess what? All fax service providers now include a local or toll-free number with a plan at no extra charge. So you don’t need to pay more for a dedicated fax line.  This virtual number is very important because it allows you to receive incoming faxes from both computers and traditional machines.  The number forwards faxes into powerful servers that turn them into emails in just a few milliseconds.

How to Send Google Fax

Sending a fax from Google is actually very easy.  To begin, just log into your account and click on the button to compose a new email message.

Now you need to enter the number in an email format.  What do I mean by this? Well, first grab a fax number and then add @ followed by the domain specified by your preferred.  For example, if you are using RingCentral Fax, itshould look something like this:

With the number in place, it is time to attach the actual document you want to fax.  Click on the button to attach a file and then add your document.  These days fax providers can handle a lot of different file formats, including the most common ones such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG and TIFF.

That’s it! When you press Send, your fax will start traveling at super high speed, reaching its destination in just a few seconds.  Once your fax has been delivered you will receive a confirmation message; in case the service finds a busy line, it will re-try until it succeeds.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Getting started with Google fax is actually very easy.  There are many good email fax companies with offer free trials. Once you open a free trial account you will enjoy all the features of a service for a full month.

Integrating Google fax in your business or office can prove to be extremely beneficial, cutting time and money associated with faxing. Give it a try! You won’t regret it!