Capable of delivering augmented reality based on streamed real-time information from the web and Google software applications, the Google Glasses are what the true techies have been waiting for a long time. Now, you can enhance your day to day with useful geographical information, locate your nearby friends, and record videos for instant upload to services like YouTube. The Google Goggles, as some call them, are capable of connecting to the web on their own, via 3G and 4G connections. You can have them interface with your smartphone and these android-based smart glasses will share data with your phone or record directly to it.

Google smart glasses are operated by head-tilts. Built-in accelerometers and GPS-enabled technology allow their wearers to operate them via subtle movements that quickly become intuitive. But the display technology behind these special glasses is far more intricate and advanced than many android phone owners first believe. Although you can use your new google goggles to run your favorite apps and videos right in your field of vision, you can also take advantage of super complex new “reality augmenting” features.

Imagine, for example, that you’re struggling to find a certain bakery in time to make an important pick-up. You’re roaming through a new part of town that’s unfamiliar to you, so even the standard google maps aren’t of much use to you. You’re having trouble getting your bearings and you’re beginning to dispair of being able to reach your wonderful new ice cream cake before it melts. Until you don your pair of Google 3D overlaying smart glasses.

Now, when you feed your phone or smart goggles an address, your field of vision will be automatically overlaid with seamless visual instructions for reaching your destination. It’s like having an animated GPS unit in your own mind! As you get off the subway and begin to turn a corner, Google will overlay your next move directly into your path in the form of an arrow and some additional navigational information that may be helpful to you.

In this amazing new era of space age technology, there’s no longer an excuse for not being able to read traditional maps well. Your glasses will now SHOW you exactly where you need to go!

Many smart phone owners are pleased to know that Google glasses are android based and will therefore accept smoothly plug in to their current phone setup, but many interested users are wondering what kind of pretty penny heavy duty technology like this is going to cost them. The price of google glasses is definitely going to keep fluctuating, but they’re retailing currently for $250-600 depending on the specific market they’re in and the model you choose.

So how will these incredible new space spectacles affect your worldview? Quite literally. When you wear a pair of wireless enabled google glasses, you can look directly at an object, and the applicable google software and web apps will determine what exactly it is you are looking at and begin to pull information based off complicated geometrical and visual-recognition algorithms. Robocop visors for all!

These features alone make Google’s tech specs some of their first and most bold entries into the emerging field of wearable computing. If you've ever felt as though your nature-given view on the world was literally lacking in power and features, you just need to buy yourself a set of google spectacles to start seeing the world through digi-colored glasses.