Google Gravity is an amazing trick that I have recently discovered on Google Search Engine using I'm feeling lucky button, there is a lot of tricks that you can find on Google Search Engine each while and then, but I chooses to explore the Google Gravity trick since I think it's one of the top tricks that you can find on Search Engine while using Google I'm feeling lucky button.

Google Gravity Trick is done by another website and not by Google them self, the website is mr.doob, However mr.doob takes a further step into utilizing the I am feeling lucky button. If you are familiar with this feature of search engine you will understand that while search for something and hitting that button and it will take you to the first search results, mr.doob website rank in the top of search engine results for Google Gravity trick keyword and therefore hitting the button will take you directly to the trick, some people then get confused and may think that this trick is done by Google while it's not.

A Look on the Trick

Google Gravity Trick

How to do it?

Google Search Engine is the most important and famous Search Engine available with a lot of advanced features such as I'm feeling lucky which will take you to the top result of your search term directly without showing other results, Website owners and bloggers are always looking to optimize their website for Google as it's the most used Engine which means it will send them the most traffic. I just discovered this trick and you should try it out, it's amazing and funny too to be able to play with Google logo and SE results as well, go to Google SE now and but in the search term the following word ''Google Gravity'' and directly press on Im feeling lucky button, you should see the brand logo falls down from gravity, the image should look like in the post image. It's pretty amazing and simple. You can then play with the logo, do another SE quire and see how the results look, play with the results a little bit.

Well You Work at Google

How to do it without I am feeling lucky button?

It might happen that the  button is not available for your web browser, or Mr.doob website stops from being ranked on the top for that result, in both cases all what you have to do is to do a normal search quire for Google Gravity and then look for Mr.doob websites in the results.

Want even to laugh more, while the brand logo has fallen down try to search for anything you want like you do normally but from the fallen search box and guess what? the results will start to fall down as well, you can actually play with your results with your mouse and you can even click on any result and be redirected to the website as normal, Amazing!!!

Google Adds 8 New Options with I'm Feeling Button

These options can be viewed when you hover your mouse over the "I'm feeling Lucky" button and will show different results depending on the option selected as below:

8 New options Includes:

I'm Feeling:

- Artistic: Takes you to a random Google Art Project.

- Doodly: Random Google Doodle.

- Hungry: Search for restaurants.

- Playful: Random interactive Google Doodle.

- Puzzled: Google-a-Day site.

- Stellar: Google Earth.

- Trendy: Google Hot Searches.

- Wonderful: Random World Wonders project.