Making Google home income can be tedious and tiring at times; however, there are many prolific writers that average $1,000 to $2,000 or more each month. If you have a passion for writing and are willing to invest some time learning a little SEO (search engine optimization) follow the instructions below to start earning a stream of residual income each month.

Start making Google home income by writing for websites that give you a portion of their Google Adsense dollars. Websites like InfoBarrel and eHow have excellent opportunities for entrepreneurial people who love to write. Once you have signed up and written a few articles, you will become more comfortable writing for residual income. Most websites that pay writers to contribute content pay through PayPal. So if you haven't already, make sure to open a Paypal account. Some websites require a Google publishing account number. It's easy to sign up for Google Adsense by going to the website and applying. It can take from 24 hours to a few days to get approved.

Websites like InfoBarrel and eHow make money by allowing Google to post relevant ads on articles. As soon as an article is published, Google Adsense sends a "bot" to read the title, content and keywords. Titles, keywords and keyword phrases alert Google Adsense to the type of ads that will bring in the most money for each article. In other words, every time a person reads your article and clicks on an ad, Google Adsense pays the owner of the website a certain amount of money depending on the type of ad. Some keywords and keyword phrases pay five cents per click, yet others can pay $10 or more for one click.

To find the amount Google Adsense is paying for keywords and keyword phrases, go to Google Adwords Tool. Type in the keyword and type in the funny looking letters to verify that you are a human. From the "Choose Columns Display" drop box, click "Show Average CPC." You will see a list of keywords and keywords phrases and the amount Google Adsense is paying for each click.

It's also a good idea to check Free Word Tracker. Free Word Tracker has up-to-date information about the amount of times people are searching for keywords and keyword phrases every 24 hours. If you write about a keyword phrase that is on both Free Word Tracker and Google Adwords Tool and is at least three words long, you'll probably get a lot of hits as long as the article is written well, doesn't have too much competition and is not stuffed with keywords and keyword phrases. Keep in mind that Google Adsense's bot is quite adroit at finding quality writing and content. Typically keywords and keyword phrases should account for three to five percent of your articles. The more you write, the more efficient you'll become at SEO (search engine optimization), which is mainly using keywords and keyword phrases effectively enough to drive lots of traffic to your article.

Start a blog at to earn Google home income. It's free and it's possible to earn money from Google Adsense as well. There are many people earning a decent amount of money each month from their blogs. It's also a good idea to incorporate backlinks to your articles on your blog. Articles with backlinks rate higher on Google's ranking system. Many people write about niche topics on their blogs. Making regular posts on your blog will also help it rate higher in Google searches.

Making Google home income is possible through creating content if you have passion and are committed to writing.