So what are google keywords and why are they so important. Although you may have heard about them it's not until you get round to putting up a website on the internet, that you gradually realise just how important they are. When a website is published and goes live on the internet, the sole reason is to get other people to visit that website. Whether its a wordpress blog that you use to tell the world your story. Or it may be a single page website to sell an e-book. Or a multinational company with a twenty five page website marketing the company image. It doesn't matter. The one and only purpose is to get interested people to your website.

There's simply no point in having a blog or a website if no one is going to take a look at it. Imagine that you have written a fantastic e-book. You're certain it's a million dollar seller, so you create a website and put it on the internet. How many sale's will you make. None, zero, zilch. Because nobody is looking at your website. Nobody knows that it even exists.

Pick a subject. Any subject, something a bit vague and obscure. Lets try 'brown paper'
Now let's look at the results when we search for it on google. There are are 281,000,000 results. If your e-book was titled brown paper, that's what you would be up against. Lets try something else, something more popular. Lets google 'work from home' Once again we have a whopping 5,190,000,000 results.

It's a sad fact but, generally speaking only the sites on the first and second page of google will get visited. In fact it has been scientifically proven that 64% of people will click on the first site , the one at the top of the first page. Also, google is the largest and most effective search engine, so for this article we will be using google, but the other search engines will have very similar results.

So all you have to do is get your site on the first page or as close it as you can. Then you will get loads of visitors, or traffic as its known, to your site. Well that's the theory anyway. The problem is everyone else is trying to get their website on the first page. In some subjects such as fashion, make money or cars the competition is so fierce its almost impossible for individuals or newcomers to get anywhere near the top. Its a nightmare.

The way to get a website onto the first or second page is through Google Keywords. What are keywords. Keywords are the words that are typed into the Google search bar when a person is looking for something. Google then takes the words or phrases through its massive and complex filing system, using how relative and how popular the words are. It will bring up what it considers the website with the best matched information on. Using keywords in the correct manner on your website will help improve your search engine rankings. But what keywords do you use. This is all down to research, research and research. Often referred to as search engine optimisation. (SEO). If 100 people were looking for something on Google , in all probability they would type in different words or phrases. Even though it was the same item they were looking for. Its your job to research those different words and phrases and use them in the proper manner as keywords on your website.

SEO is a massive subject, and there is a lot of good information on the internet to learn more about it if you wish to. But back to keywords. If you were selling a computer on your website, or giving a product review on your blog. Instead of using the keyword 'computer' you should be specific and use  'New Dell Computer Latitude E5420' This is known as a long tail keyword, it will bring you targeted traffic – people who are specifically looking for a new Dell latitude E5420. This keyword 'New Dell Computer Latitude E5420' should be be mentioned throughout your website or text. It should be scattered in a natural and random manner, but not overdone. Squeezing your keyword into every sentence is, in Googles eyes illegal, and could lead to your website being penalised or even banned. That's the last thing you want. Also your main keyword should be your title.  

You can also purchase Google keywords and create a small advert. These are the ads that you see listed down the right hand side of the page when you do a search on Google. You can sign up for free but you will have to bid on a price for the keywords that you decide to use. This service is known as pay per click. The more popular the keyword the more you will have to bid. In some categories such as fashion, make money and weight loss, the large companies and 'big boys' involved throw such large amounts of money into their budget that everyone else is pushed out. So always look to operate in a 'niche' market, preferable one with little competition. Once your ad is up and running you will only pay for the keyword when someone actually clicks on your ad, hence pay per click. The more popular the keywords that you have bid on,
the more expensive they will be, and the more clicks you will get. Be very very careful to begin with, as Google keywords can easily work out to be an expensive way to advertise. Always start by bidding small amounts and then increasing if the ad works well. Create several different ads, see which ads work the best. If your budget is tight select low ranking keywords with little competition. This won't bring in ton's of traffic overnight. But 20 low ranking keywords will gradually bring in some serious traffic. It will just take a little time.

Keywords should always be relevant to your chosen subject. To help you with this Google has provided a very useful tool. The Google keyword tool. If you sign up to Google Adwords this tool is accessible from the home page. also provides a similar service. When using the Google keyword tool simply type in your chosen subject and Google will bring up a list of the most popular and relevant words. Always bear in mind that Google want to provide the people who use their search engine with quality and relevant content. Not a website full of adverts.
Content is king. There are of course ways to get your website on the first page if not the number one spot using Google keywords. There is a constant battle to find new and innovative methods to get to the number 1 spot. Consider your business and how you could create a keyword that is your product.  'Wedding Planner Portsmouth' is a good example. There is no other website using this name. So for this keyword you could easily rank for number 1. Although keywords are the main tool used for getting traffic to your website, there are a host of other methods including back links, plug ins and article writing.