Google began the new decade with a bang by launching personalized search, making it possible for customized search results for users who aren't even signed in. Basically, the search engine now considers previous searchers conducted by the user. This ends the universal nature of search results as each is gauged to the user's previous searches. The change sent shockwaves through the SEO community. Some wondered if it was the end of SEO. Others assumed it completely changed the game. The reality is that the game has only been tweaked. What effects on SEO will Google personalized search hold for Internet marketing?

Ranking Now Less Universal
Although it's not an end to SEO, it does make it more frustrating when rank tracking no longer has a universal nature. It's important to remember, however, that rank tracking really only establishes a base line, not actual results. SEO success is based on increased traffic and increased turn around. Rank tracking still provides valuable data to your overall SEO status. It also can be used to gauge the effect that personalized search has had on your site. If your ratings are the same but your traffic increases, personalized search is probably the reason.

Richer Sites Get Even Richer
The top of the food chain is always the fattest. Those who earn high rankings will continue to see even greater numbers when mid- and long-tail queries now include "previously visited sites." This ups the competition to be on top. Personalized search can have a snowball effect, earning more hits for higher results.

How Do You Play the Game Now?

  1. Increasing visitors is now more critical than ever before, making important to invest the help of a directory listing service. In general, anyone who visits your site and has a good experience increases your SEO value. Internet marketing is still about creating a quality web experience. In fact, it's become more important than ever before.

  2. Brand loyalty becomes more important. SEO traditionally hasn't focused on brand quality, but it's long overdue. All marketing comes down to branding, and SEO is no exception. Overall, the experience of the Internet is improved as valuable content is encouraged in this competitive market.