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People who write articles at Revenue Sharing Websites like Infobarrel probably noticed the Google +1 button added to its platform.  As an article writer and a website creator I can tell you that having the +1 button shown on your articles will help get your articles indexed to the Search Engines, help to increase article exposure and over time will help get your articles indexed to the Search Engines with a high page rank.

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  The +1 Button Is Taking Over The Web

Why will the +1 button help with Search Engine Optimization?

Before I get into why the +1 button helps with Search Engine Optimization, let me explain what the +1 Google Social Networking Website and the +1 button is exactly.

When Google announced to the online world that they were coming out with their own Social Networking Website, not only publishers but people in general said why does the Web need another Social Networking Website?  I too was one of the many who asked this question.

As time went on and I noticed that Google was advertising their new Social Networking Website and their +1 button snippet, because I'm a curious publisher I signed up to receive an invitation to join.  It took about a month for Google to send me an invitation to join the Social Network and to sign up to have access to the +1 button snippet to place on my website.  After placing the +1 button snippet onto my website and signing in daily to the Google Social Networking Website, I now understand how these two free resources do help with Google Search Engine Optimization and help to increase traffic.  The Google Social Networking Website and the +1 button snippet are linked together and because they are linked to each other, when a visitor to your article clicks on the +1 button and that visitor has a Google Social Networking Account, the visitor is posting the click onto their Stream.  If that visitor has hundreds or thousands of people in their Circles, the higher the odds of the Stream post being seen by hundreds of people.  The +1 button snippet also gives the visitor an option to immediately share with their choice of Circles.  When a visitor clicks on the +1 button on your article, that visitor might decide to share their +1 button click with their group or groups of Circles too and if they do choose to share their click with their Circle Groups, their suggested +1 button click is posted directly onto their Circles Streams.  Can you understand how the Google Social Networking Website and the Google +1 button snippet, when used together, is a power free Internet Marketing tool to help increase traffic and help expand your online presence?

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Want to learn more about the Free Google Resources?  The videos below will help you learn more about the Google Social Network, Google +1 Button and how to use the features within the Google +1 Social Network.

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