Google Plus is the fastest growing social network yet. With the genius Google team behind it, this is not at all hard to believe. Having your business on Google Plus will soon be a must for retailers, online retails and Webmasters, so why not beat the rush and start a profile for your business right now? 

Many SEO professionals are speculating that Google Plus links and +1s will effect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so this is the right time to start posting links on your Google Plus profile to your website and work on getting followers to +1 them. The Google Plus links are do follow links (This means they are not nofollow). So a link on your Google Plus profile is a backlink for your website. 

To set up a Goole Plus you will have to have a personal Google Plus account, just like you would for Facebook. Once you have your Google Plus account go to, pick your categorie (Local Businesses or Places). Select your region and enter a phone number. This will add your business to Google Places if your not already on there. Google Plus will then as you who can view this page, select the criteria that best suits you. Agree to tern and click 'Create'. 

Now you can upload an image to use as your profile picture. To start adding content go to your profile, the profile button is located at the top of the page an is the button with the head and a circle around it. Click edit profile and put in your website, a description ect...

In some respects Google Plus is like Twitter, you follow people and they can choose to follow you back. This is called 'Adding to your circle'. Unlike twitter there are different categories that you can add people too, such as friends, family ect... 

To find people to follow, search for people that may already follow your Facebook profile, twitter or just friends and family. You can advertise your profile on your Facebook page and ask people for +1s there, let them know that this will really help your business. 

Google Plus, unlike Facebook and Twitter is more business based and the time in which you create posts will need to reflect this atmosphere. People will use Google Plus to find good deals and a business in their local area that suits their needs. Google Plus is yet to be really established within the broad public but  experts and suggesting that Google Plus will not be a replacment to Facebook, it will simply deal with the populations needs, such as finding places to trade. 

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