Google's search engine pages go on forever in a type of dull, monotonous listing of text and advertisements. The key to getting traffic is finding a method to stand out from the crowd. Any listing that garners the attention of the searcher remains the top candidate for being clicked on. Google rich snippets provide just this type of dynamic content to get traffic to your blog, website or product.

Rich snippets customize search engine listings depending on the item type. Product reviews show the star rating, review and author. Recipes show the preparation time, ingredients and a picture. Business and organizations get their address listed in their search engine listings. Even authors get their picture and byline next to their articles.

Google supports the following content types:

  • Reviews
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music
  • Video
  • Author profiles 

Rich snippets go on your website in the HTML. You need to use the markup syntax for the content type you want to use. Google uses three formats for this process: microdata, microformats and RDFa. Microdata is the recommended format for rich snippets. The website provides details on how to mark your website entries to use rich snippets.

Your journey to using rich snippets begins on the Google website. You need to pick the markup format you want to use and click the product type from their list. Format your HTML code to fit the HTML markup. Next, enter the code into your website HTML in the correct location in your website code. Make sure to test your markup code to ensure it is correctly formatted and transmitted to the Google search engines. The most common reason your rich snippets don't appear is incorrect markup syntax in your HTML code.

Google takes time to index your HTML code to show rich snippets in your search engine results. Rich snippets do not affect your search engine rankings. Google also does not guarantee they will use your rich snippets code in the search engine rankings. 

Benefits of Using Google Rich Snippets

Rich snippets increase your click through rate on your website. The detailed information given in the search engine listing makes sure that people who click on your link are getting to the information they want. The most common reason people back out of your website is you didn’t provide the information they needed on your website.

Authorship entries include a Google+ button to let your readers quickly follow you on Google+. This makes it easy to connect with your readers directly from the search engines. You also get your picture on the entry to create brand recognition.

Businesses get their address and phone number in their search engine rankings. This is great for brick-and-mortar businesses that depend on foot traffic to sell products and services.

Recipes provide a photo of the food, preparation time and a star rating review.

Google rich snippets provide an immeasurable service for websites that sell products. This new feature of Google sets your website above the rest and is guaranteed to increase your website traffic.