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Google Search Tricks
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Google Search Trick, Tips, and Shortcuts

The most well-known word search commands are both the plus and minus sign. By adding a + sign before a word the search will include all things related to the plus. In reverse, adding the - sign will emit all instances of the word. This is useful for filtering results and honing your search.

In addition, search terms contained in quotes "  " will return exact matches. This is best used when looking for exact matches and terms in your results. Useing the exact quoates as shown here will severely limit your searchs. Unless your looking for a search string with surgical precision, it is best to broaden your query.


Hispanic food +tacos -burritos
"Hispanic Tacos"

Let us delve a little deeper into the world of Google search and try a few lesser known but well worth while commands.

Google Related:

For example, we really like the information on a site, but would like to see other sites that are similar. To return a list sites that contain similar content as the one being viewed simply enter the Related: operand.



This call returns all sites that have similar content as Europeancooking.com. This is definitely useful to open many options about the same contextual topic and a variety of sites.

Google Info:

If more information about a site is desired, the Info: command my be used to extract a variety of options.



This will usually return the main page for the domain in the search list, but will offer a few other options to follow as well such as.

  • A cached copy of the sites main page
  • Sites similar to Chinesefood.com
  • Web pages linking to the site searched
  • Web pages which  from the searched site 
  • Web pages that contain the term "Chineesefood.com"

While the Info: command at first seems a little bland, the optional links and avenues open up nearly endless possibilities for digging deeper into a given domain and topic.

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 Google Filetype:

Filetype: does just what it sounds and returns the search result of a specific file type along with a search string. While at first tricky, the results are specifically targeted .

Filetype: Used with or without the use of quotes as mentioned in the beginning of this article along with a targeted file extension (.pdf  .jpg  .gif  .doc  .ppt,). This is useful when one is looking for that specific something without having to sift through pages and pages to find it exactly.



This search string will return images of a pencil in .jpg format. Alternatively, by changing the file extension from .jpg to .gif only pictures of .gif pencils will show up.


filetype:pdf "gardening soil ph"

This example would return a list of .PDF documents related to gardening soil and PH.


The internet  has a vast amount of information and resources just waiting to harvested. While this is not an all-inclusive list of commands and operands, using the few listed above may save you time and effort. When it all comes down to the end of the day, the less time invested, the less effort spent ...results in greater productivity.