Searching for information from a specific website.

Let's say you're throwing a party, but it's no ordinary party. This is a Sunday afternoon football bonanza and you've been put in charge of coming up with a culinary masterpiece for the tailgating festivities. You have a few cookbooks at home but they're pretty old, you know this because they used to be your grandmothers. You want this tailgate to be a big hit and you've had some pretty good luck searching the Internet for recipes in the past. One site that you're particularly fond of is “”. You found many great dessert dishes, slow cooker meals and salads on that site. Lots of people interact here and rate other people's recipes, which helps when picking a winning dish everyone will love. So now you wondering, can make your football-tailgating bonanza a winner?

 Here's a quick and easy way to find the results you're looking for using Google…

1.) Open your browser and go to

2.) In the search box type in the following     tailgating site:

 3.) Press enter to search

 After pressing enter, Google will return recipes that match the word "tailgating" and only from the website! How easy was that?

Specific Site Example

Site Search

Broadening the search to get what you want

 Let's say none of the recipes from tickle your fancy…but you've narrowed down the dish you're looking to make. Let's say it's a chili dish you're craving to make.

Here's how to approach it…

1.) Open your browser and go to

2.) In the search box type in the following     chili

3.) Press enter to search

We’re halfway to our goal. Here you’ll notice that Google returned results for "chili" and not just from the allrecipes site. You'll also notice that you get more than just chili recipes in your results.

Right above the search results there are a few links you can click on (Web, Images, Maps…) you should also see a link for "Recipes", click it. By clicking on the Recipes link you are refining your results to only show chili recipes. Piece of cake right?

Broad search example

Google Recipe Search

Lost your tablespoon...Google can help fill in the gaps

So you found a chili recipe online that's a hit with thousands of reviewers and you're sure it's going to be a hit at your tailgate. You get all your ingredients together and you start going through the steps to create your amazing chili dish. You're on a roll, everything is moving as it should and then the inevitable happens. The recipe asks for 2 tablespoons of chili powder and all you have is a teaspoon. Fear not chef, Google is here to get you out of this pickle. 

1.) Open your browser and go to

2.) In the search box type in the following     tablespoon to teaspoon

3.) Press enter to search

What you get back from Google is a neat little conversion table that will get you out of this jam.

volume conversion example

tablespoon to teaspoon

So as you can see from this real world scenario, knowing how to use google to your advantage can really save you a lot of time, aggravation and maybe even money! Stay tuned for more Google tips!