Google and Samsung are the two toughest competitors of Apple in the industry of Smartphones. Samsung is giving real tough time on the hardware front while Google’s Android is surely the next big thing in the domain of operating systems. But other than operating systems, Google Smartphones are also among the best Smartphones available in the market at present. Google itself hasn’t developed many Smartphones and has only released a couple of devices in collaboration with HTC and Samsung. But these devices are certainly among the élite mobile devices at present.

The first Smartphone that Google released was in collaboration with HTC and it was named as Google Nexus One. It was a highly anticipated and beautiful piece of technology, which is quite understandable considering that it was a result of collaboration between two giants of the industry. Remarkable thing about this device was its beautiful display and high-speed processor.

The voice capabilities for this device were also considerably enhanced in comparison to other Smartphones available in the market at that time. The operating system that was utilized in this phone was Android 2.1 Éclair which could be upgraded to next version. The device came with a 1 GHz Scorpion processor which delivers fine performance. An impressive 5 mega pixels rare end camera with the facilities of LED flash and auto focus was integrated in this device.

Overall, Google Nexus One was a remarkable introduction from Google and keeps delivering impressive performance. Recently, Google has released another remarkable updated version in the line of Nexus phones. This phone has been developed in collaboration with Samsung and is probably the most highly anticipated Android device. The main reason for high anticipation for this device was that it happens to be the first Android device running the latest version of Android, named Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other than the operating system, the device runs on a powerful 1.4 GHz dual core processor and has a 5 mega pixels rare end camera, as well as a front end camera. This device is also an excellent addition in the Nexus line of Google smartphones and would certainly prove to be a huge advantage for Android.

Since the phone was released in collaboration with Samsung, it was named Galaxy Nexus, since Galaxy phones are the android range by Samsung.

Recently Google has also acquired Motorola so in future we can expect some more amazing devices from Google since Motorola has already been developing some of the finest Smartphones in the market. Motorola has released several mobile devices so far, including Smartphones as well as tablet devices. So after the acquisition of Motorola, Google might itself emerge as a Smartphone developer.

The bottom line is that Google Smartphoneshappen to be among the very best mobile devices available in the market and along with Samsung and HTC, Smartphones from Google come really close to iPhone, which at present is the most famous Smartphone of all time. Since Google also owns Android, this can also be considered a huge positive point in favor of Google.