The internet brings with it a whole new world when it comes to business strategies and money making skills. If you don’t keep up on things, or even ahead of the curve you will find yourself quickly wishing you had. Google is an important player to keep an eye on because they have some of the most innovative technology and offer many ways for a person to make their way online. That’s not all, they are also coming up with new and better ways for us to live with the technology that we do have. They improve things from online programs and services to phones and options services to use with a phone we may already have.

What Is Google Voice

This wonderful item is Google’s free phone service.  There are a few things more than this that you will need to know. You can’t just sign up for Google Voice; you will need to be invited. You are able to request one at the invite request page online. From here you will be able to invite others to join. This will allow you to start to integrate your Google phone number with any other phone services you have by having the Google number show up instead on caller ID

How This Works

One major benefit of Google Voice is that you’ll have all your lines connected by one number. But that’s not where the wonderful features stop. You can use smart call forwarding. This means that if you’d like calls sent to a certain phone during certain hours of the day it’s very easy to do so. Customized ringing is very easy to understand and set up. Certain callers will always be directed to certain lines, certain calls can be programmed to go directly to voice mail.

You will also be able to manage voicemail online through web interface. You can file these and archive them very similar to what you can do with a gmail account. You can sort these by business, callers or groups. With this program you will also be able to dial out through the net from any of your phone numbers. Google Voice also has one of the fastest speed dialing options available and you can use contacts that you have online. Additionally, you will get free SMS and very cheap international calls with Google Voice.

What Doesn’t This Program Do

It’s not the same as some other available programs out there. It isn’t Voice over IP you will still need to have a traditional phone connection. At this time it is not fully integrated with the iPhone. Currently Apple is not allowing the various Google Voice apps.

Many phone service companies are concerned because this is allowing Google to insert itself into services. If a customer wants their service to provide something but doesn’t want to tack it on to their monthly bill they can find many options with Google Voice and do so for free. It many ways it can turn any phone into a smart phone.