Many people aren’t aware that there’s an easy to use and highly portable way to get phone service anywhere you have an Internet connection. Did I also mention it’s free? That’s right, no need to add more service providers with more gadgets or monthly/yearly service fees. Better yet, it’s reliable and easy to use. A Google phone number through Google Voice offers a pretty compelling service option as it both surprised and astonished me with just how efficient, flexible and powerful of a communications tool it is.

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Number Portability is a Beautiful Thing

A Google phone number through Google Voice isn’t really anything new, but still most people don’t consider it a practical communications option. Even more shocking is that many simply don’t know about it. The true power of a Google phone number blossoms from its versatility and portability. The beauty of a Google phone number is that you can associate up to six other phone numbers with your Google phone number at one time. These numbers can easily be designated as forwarding numbers and changed within the Google Voice account settings whenever the user decides. What this means is that you can feel free to change any of your current service providers without ever having to change your Google phone number. Or, if you need to add another number without more phone line fees or service providers added to your list of monthly bills, a Google number solves that problem.

On the Move, No Worries

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Practical Applications for Nomads

In today’s world many face the reality of moving to find employment opportunities. A Google number offers a practical solution in that it allows you to keep your current mobile number that all your friends and family know by heart, but circulate your Google phone number for your résumé and job applications. One thing that can quickly cut you from a prospective employer’s candidate pool is inaccessibility. A Google number effectively lets you set up a job hotline that when you see that Google number incoming you know it’s work or a prospective employer—not Uncle Jimmy. When you sign up for your number you’ll also be able to select from different geographic locations. This is a nice feature that comes in handy for remote job searches since you can select a Google number that fits your searches’ locale. Again, no need to add more costly services since you can assign your current numbers as forwarding numbers to that Google phone number.

A Powerful Small Business Tool

Small business owners can do well by choosing a Google phone number. Without even touching the subject of affordable international calling rates offered through the service, Google Voice is a powerful small business tool. When both convenience and cost are a major consideration, Google Voice quickly rises to the top of available options. The ability to check voicemail from practically anywhere through Gmail is indispensable. Add to this the multiple feature offerings such as recording incoming phone calls on the fly and texting through Google number and not a personal mobile number; anyone can quickly see how empowering a Google phone number with Google Voice is to a fledgling small business. Another small business angle is for those with current full-time jobs but with aspirations for starting a side venture. Through smart use of Google Voice applications linked to a personal smart phone (which many people already have), this feat is now more possible than ever. A Google phone number affords any person entering the small business world an efficient and reliable means for customer contact. Choose a phone number through Google Voice and you’ll be passing out those business cards for your new enterprise and generating contacts without having to add more hassles or monthly bills.


Google Voice offers a solid alternative to conventional communication methods. The necessities of Internet access to receive your messages via email and a phone service provider (either land line or mobile) to make outgoing calls through your Google number are still clear for practical purposes. But still, if you find yourself needing to add additional lines of communication or an alternative phone number, Google Voice with an accompanying number may just be your answer.