So once you have rooted your phone you will be ready to put on different roms.  So this is about MIUI rom which I think is modified by chinese people. The default rom language is chinese so you will have to install the English language pack. Once you have installed English pack you are ready to go.

The best thing about MIUI is it's look, almost similar to iphone. It does not have an application launcher where all the applications show up. All the application once installed comes as shortcut on your desktop screen and if you try to remove the icon you will be opted for an uninstallation option. You can make folders on your desktop and make it tidy ofcourse. There can be unlimited number of home screen made. I tried adding up 18 and still there is option to add another.

Home screen(64539)

The notification bar also have toggles which contains most used settings like wifi on/off, data on/off etc. The default application that comes after installing MIUI are also great with looks and feature. File Explorer is cool, contacts have speed dial, message app is also really good. One problem I found on the message application is that not all the contacts which are synced were shown.

file explorer

The settings are also well defined, the list is seperated to four catagories namely common, personal, system and programs. The recent menu has an App Killer and App Manager. The music player is also good, it has an inbuild lyrics downloader and highlights the lines that is sung, but not all the lyrics are found and sometimes chinese lyrics comes in. Camera has also been modified.


The camera autofocus without even pressing the shoot button. Other added feature are color effect, burst shots, anti shake and screen shutter. The gallery that comes with it is dissapointing, the picture thumbnails are not cached properly, the stock gallery 3d is far better.

Other application that are packed with this rom are sound recorder, torch, notes that can be synced to google account, backup, monitor(incoming outgoing calls and data usage) and google talk with video calling.

music player

You can send a busy text message like "will call you back later" when you receive a call. There is option to record a call conversation but unfortunately this feature does not work on my phone. The battery life is also good, without using gprs connection my phone lasted more than 2 days.

Overall MIUI is a great rom and everybody should try it.