Google, as known to us as a successor from among the services provided by it, its services include one of the best search engines provide official blogger of the most successful blogs, Gmail, which is easy messaging service now or and more people keen on social networks, Google also wants to launch its own social network, which could be after his second social network Orkut.

Google + is a project that Google is working on the social network we realized one of the networks are on Facebook with levels associated with traffic. Google wants to launch a social network to show that even in the social economy, you can create a name for himself. Most fans are anxiously awaiting Google that this new service.


Google + first glance:

Google+  is bringing many changes in the media sharing as seen in the different social networks. People saw that is a little something to share challenges in different social networks. I find it very annoying if people can take full advantage of the services provided to them to discuss this issue Google has developed a solution that allows people to take full advantage of this service. People can see the difference between this and other social networks that are available online.


Google+ offered Features :

Google + has much to offer and still the most important of all these features is a feature called scene. Circles are the technical teams, which are specially created family, colleagues, friends and significant others who want to add them. We can also label with the name of our desires. Photos and other media to share and update only, none who would be entitled to one watches them or know them.

Another great feature that Google offers to its users, + has a feature called "places of residence." Venues are the chat, which can be started simply click on the name of your friend. Although the function venue is enabled, the participants led to an empty room, and can move forward as a video chat. However, their friends are aware of this and may choose to participate in a chat.

Image editing functions available in Google + all the more desirable, what else could be better than ever at hand, instead of editing tools to help 3rd party application. With image editing tools integrated with Google +, people can now easily toy around with your photos and share the joy with friends.


Google + as a desirable social network:

Google + with its characteristics sound more desirable than any other social network. These features are hard to find and people would have to seek third-party applications to get most of the features that are incorporated into Google +.