Google's pay per click advertising is a way to make money on the internet. Google is the largest search engine online. Anyone who uses the internet is probably familiar with google's search engine. However, that's just the gist of it. Google profited over 6 billion dollars in 2009. Google's bread and butter comes from advertising. Not only being the number one search engine, google is the number one site on the internet. Google represents large Internet-based services and products on the web. Google develops partnerships with a lot of different companies on and off the web.

Google makes tons of money through revenue. For example, when you use google's search engine, you'll notice google ads on the right hand corner. Those are advertisements from different businesses and companies who are in partnership with google. The great thing is, you have the opportunity to use those ads on your personal site.

Google offers bloggers, and websites owner the chance to make money with their google adsense program. Google allows a third party to put up google ads on their sites for profit of their own. Google adsense clicks on these ads turn into money for you and google. Google's pay per click advertising can make some online guru's a lot of money. Especially if a hot topic is getting a heavy bidding from google's client.

How does google adsense work?

Well, it's really quite simple. Say you have a blog, website, or you're even writing for a online site. Google places ads from different companies or clients on your site. The way to make money with google adsense, is when you get a click on these ads. You yourself sorta become an advertiser yourself. After all you're helping to promote for google and the company selling a specific product. For example, you drive traffic to your site, a customer then clicks on a ad, then you and google make money. The client gets a customer to their site, and everyone is happy. Seems simple enough? Well, its a bit more complicated, but now you understand the gist of it.

How do I create a google adsense account?

Before you can make money from google's pay per click advertising, you must have a google adsense account. It's very simple, and its free to sign up. Just go to google's adsense site, and sign up. Provide all details, like your name, address, or anything else they ask for. You'll need to establish the kind of ads you want on your site. Click on adsense setup. You can choose from text ads only, image ads only, or text and ad images. You can change the type of ads you want anytime. Next you'll need to choose the size of ads, along with the color of ads. You can experiment with this, to see how ads will look on your site.

Now you need to add your google adsense code to your site. For example, if you have a blog on Go to layout, click add gadget, then copy and paste your ad code from google. If you're trying to add your google adsense ads to a online writing site, most sites require your pub number. When you're logged on to your google adsense acount, the publisher ID number will be located in the top right hand corner. It will look something like this pub-849503463463. Copy that, including the pub, then add it to the writing site. Your google ads will be up on the online writing site within minutes usually.

You can add url channels as well. This allows your google adsense to keep track of google traffic search to your sites, and adsense clicks for each of your sites. Just add in the url of your sites. Just go to adsense setup, then click on channels. Then click URL channels. Google allows you to set up 200 channels.

Google adsense clicks

It's pretty simple, you get a click on an ad, then you get compensated by google. Google pay per click advertising has its challenges. If you have a blog about ice cream, then you shouldn't be blogging about yogurt. The idea is to stick to a specific topic. This is known as niche blogging. You want to attract visitors who come to your site to find out about 'ice cream' if that's your niche topic. The way google ads work is when bloggers, or writers understand how to target their google ads. You don't get to choose exactly what ads you have on your site.

However, if your learn to become a good seo writer, you'll learn how to target the ads you want. Getting google adsense clicks require having the proper ads on your web page. There's a google search-based keyword tool for beginners. This helps give you an idea of what keywords are targeted for ads. Beware, that google pay per click advertising should never be done from your own clicks. If google finds out that you, or someone else is involved in what's known as click fraud, your account will be suspended permanently. So never click on your own ads, or tell someone else to click on your ads. It's not worth getting your account banned. It's a lifetime ban as well. Adsense tracking keeps tabs of your estimated earnings, page impressions, Page CTR, and page eCPM.

Google traffic search

Getting a high google traffic search is how you'll end up making lots of money with google. Known as search engine optimization, "search friendly words" pertaining to your topic gets directed to your site. Proper google seo word are very important for any online money making guru to learn. Knowing what people are searching for, pertaining to your topic, will result into how much google traffic you receive. A higher google traffic search on your topic will translate into more money.

This can be very tricky. Even if you have the right keywords to attract to your site, doesn't guarantee traffic. Google has over billions of websites indexed into their search engine. Your site is just one of these billion sites. So basically there's lots of competition out there. A basic way to get an idea of a google traffic search, is by using google's keyword tool. You'll be able to see the estimated monthly traffic, and the advertising bidding competition for keywords.

Choosing the proper seo words

Similar to keywords, seo words have to pertain to your niche. Words that people type into google's search engine, need to match the niche you're writing. If you're bringing in traffic from seo words having nothing to do with your niche, then chances are you're not going to make much money. Search engine optimization words tend to be a little longer. A quick way to check for competition of your seo words, is to do a general search using google's search engine. For example, say you have an article or blog about love. If you type in the world "love" you'll notice over a billion search matches. Meaning this is a very, very competitive keyword, which will result probably not even ranking on google's search engine using that word.

Lower results search results means lower competition. If you can find keywords under a million hits, the better chance of driving in traffic. Sometimes that is very difficult, especially on hot keywords. Keywords and google seo words should pertain to your niche always though. These are just basic strategies of understanding how to drive traffic to your site. Google's pay per click advertising can make you quite a bit of money if you learn to master these methods. Which can very hard. If everyone knew how to, then we'd all be retired right about now.

Keyword density

Web bots use crawlers to pick up your seo words. However, if you're thinking about trying to stuff in tons of keywords for better page rank, then think again. Google will crack down, and penalize sites for doing this. Which in terms will give a low page rank, or possibly blocked off from google. Keyword density rule should be anywhere from 1% to 5%. Don't go over, but also if you have a hot keyword then try to get it closer to 5%. Keyword placement is also very important. Your top keywords should be in the first paragraph, which is technically what google bots pick up on first. Then spread keywords throughout the article. To get good google traffic search, you'll want to avoid stuffing keywords together. That way your sites don't get listed as spam.