Google has done a lot of work to try and ride on the coattails of Facebook. Google+ has played a major part in this effort. This portion of Google is dedicated to social media in much the same manner as Facebook is. However, Google is seriously behind Facebook in the amount of users that each site has. Google Apps is one area where Google has attempted to differentiate themselves. This feature allows users to customize their Google experience in a way that Facebook does not yet offer. For example, you can streamline your business for a very low cost with Google Apps. Currently, a basic business package costs only $5 per month.

Google Apps offers businesses a great way to manage their IT departments. There is no need for buying and maintaining a server, nor do you need to go painstakingly from computer to computer to update software. Everything is available online on Google’s cloud server. All you need is an internet connection to join your computer systems together.

The Google Apps program is designed to make your computer usage safe and secure. Not only is your information safe from external sources, your data is always backed up so you never have to worry about losing files. Many businesses—about five million—currently use Google Apps for their server needs.

If Google were to terminate the Apps program, a vital part of these businesses would be lost. While Google has made a few changes to their cloud program, they are continuing to keep their customers’ best interests in mind. Google Apps allows businesses to work on shared files at the same time and make edits in real time. There are other methods out there of doing this, but Google Apps is one of the cheaper and more reliable options out there.

Shared things like invoices, calendars, and files are all an important part of Google Apps. Facebook, however, is geared toward individuals and does not really incorporate these features into their user options. If a business is to thrive, it will definitely want to focus on Google Apps first and spread out from there. While Facebook might have more users overall, Google does more for businesses and business owners to organize themselves and remain as productive as possible. Google+ might be a good choice for these businesses to get started with in the social media world just because they are already using Google. The fact remains that if a business wants to reach as many people as possible, they will want to use Facebook to a degree.

It makes sense that a strategy that combines these two things would work out best for businesses. Facebook has the hundreds of millions of users, but it doesn’t have the business friendly options and cloud storage that Google has. Google is creating a great tool for the businesses that rely on it, and is hoping that some of these users will lend themselves toward making Google+ more widely used than it currently is.