Google's Previous Name

There once was a day not too long ago when Google was formed.  We all know Google in all of its sheer glory that it is today, but not how it was started.  Two guys named Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google but when it started it was called Backrub.  This is what they called this startup run of the mill search engine in the year 1996.  They actually ran on Stanford Universities servers for more than one year with the name Backrub. 

The very next year Google enters the picture.  They did lots of research and came up with the name Google, which means in math a number represented by the number one following it and then one hundred zero’s following that.  They wanted this to stand for their mission with Google and that was to provide endless amounts of information.

The following year in August an investment was made.  In a speculation of things to come the co-founder of Sun Microsystems Andy Bechtolsheim (a huge computer company at the time, now owned by oracle) made a huge contribution by writing a check for $100,000 to a company which really did not exist yet called Google.  The next month operations were stepped up.  The first place Google operated out of was in Susan Wojcicki‘s garage.  Then Sergey and Larry file for the name Google to be incorporated in the state of California.  They also deposit the check for $100,000 in a bank account opened with Google as the name on the account.  Craig Silverstein was hired as the first employee to work for Google hired by Sergey and Larry.

The rest is history as we know it today.  Many more people were hired as Google grew through the roof.  The company expanded to becoming available in many languages.  The company was finally moved to its final location which is in Mountain View California.  The company currently has more than 26,000 employees, with revenues made coming in at more than 29 Billion.  Those numbers are something both Larry and Sergey could have never imagined would be a reality one day.

So who would have thought in 1995 that there could be such a website one day?  When two college graduates got together that following year they made history that will be with us forever to benefit us.  This all stemmed from the beginning of a search engine called Backrub which we all know as Google today the one and only.