Goose Repellent For Beginners

The majestic flight of the goose is admired by folks all over the world. However, what happens when these birds being to get on your last nerves? What happens when the mess that they leave behind simply too much to deal with. Think about it, what do you do when you are trying to show a piece of property for sale and there are goose feces all over the place? I can tell you that it really does not help to have that stuff all over the place. Not too mention that these squatters also can become a nuisance. That is, they do not always mind their own business. Some times they even run me off of my own property when they start hissing and chasing me. You guys might that it is funny for these birds to chase me, and on some levels it is pretty funny, but I don’t really think that it is that funny. Especially when I have to live with these geese causing so much trouble on my property. It makes me feel like the geese that I have on my lawn are more trouble than most of the others, but there are other people out there that are having some of the same troubles.


Anyways, I know that it is hard, but if you want to get rid of these birds, then one of the best steps to start with is to stop the feeding. I know this sounds like a common sense sort of thing, but it actually works. It would be kind of hard to get rid of them if you were still feeding them.


Another method of goose repellent that has worked for me is the coyote decoy. I like this method especially because it works and is natural. Coyotes are in fact natural predators of the goose. Therefore, whenever they see these predators, they naturally stay away. That works for me because I am lazy. I simply set the coyote decoy out and it deters them on a daily basis. All I do is move it around every once in awhile. Another great method that I have deployed for goose deterrent is the sprinkler. However, I am not just talking about just any sprinkler. Here, I am talking about a motion activated sprinkler. This way, I can just set the thing out there and it does all of the work for me.