So you are out looking for pillows and that age old question comes up about goose vs duck down pillows. Which do you go for? Is one really better than the other? Will you get a better sleep using a pillow filled with goose feathers or is duck down the way to go?

Before we address the question of goose vs duck down pillows, first a little bit of information about these types of pillows in general. If you are looking for softness no pillows can beat the overall comfortableness of down filled pillows. They are stuffed with the delicate fluff from our feathery friends. The fluff comes from underneath the feathers of geese and ducks usually on the belly which is the part of the bird that needs to be protected from the coldness of water. The feathers are gathered from the birds then cleaned and sanitized to be used in products for human use.

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Down is incredible in its ability to create warmth and insulate users from the cold. Down is light and fluffy and is used to fill pillows, blankets, clothing and sleeping bags. Fill power is a number used to measure the quality of the down. When comparing goose vs duck down pillows, the higher the number the better fill in the pillow.

Pillows filled with down have no quills that come along with feather pillows. There is nothing that equals the comfort of a pure down filled pillow but they tend to more expensive. This is softer and lighter because it traps more air around it. This makes your down filled pillow feel more luxurious and inviting. 

You can also purchase pillows that are filled with synthetic down or if you like your pillow a little bit firmer, you can choose a pillow that is mixed with feathers. Here's a fact for you to keep in mind: Both down pillows and feather pillows can last a very long time if properly cared for.

Down Pillow Care

Regardless of goose vs duck down pillows, they both necessitate the use of a pillowcase and zippered cover. These coverings will help the pillow keep its natural shape and also shield the pillow from natural oils, dust and humidity which can all harm the fill.

Fluffing the pillow on a daily basis keeps dust from gathering and keeps the down filling distributed evenly throughout the pillow.  Regular care of your pillows includes airing out the pillows outside on a line or hanging by an open window on a monthly basis. Remember not to over expose the pillows to sunlight as the sun will break down the down fibers.

About three times a year you can clean your pillows more thoroughly. Remove both cover of the pillows and hand wash the down pillow with a mild detergent. You can dry the pillow on a tumble setting while adding towels to take up any moisture. It is a good idea to check the pillow in the dryer frequently to avoid over heating until they are totally dry. Your pillows will stay fresh and last a long time with proper care.

The Facts Regarding Goose VS Down Pillows

Back to the question of which is better, goose vs down pillows. Generally speaking, the finest down comes from older, larger birds regardless of what type of bird it is. It is not really a question of goose vs duck down pillows rather of the age and size of the bird. When the maturity of the birds is equal, goose is preferred for pillows over duck. However if you had to choose between down from a younger goose or an older duck, the pillow filled with the feathers of an older duck would be the better choice. Additionally large cluster down comes from birds that are from a colder climate.

Regarding the cost of goose vs duck down pillows, a goose down pillow is more expensive than pillows filled with duck down. The reason for this is that ducks are much more prevalent than geese in the bird world. As with anything scarcity results in higher prices.

Another factor in the goose vs duck down pillows argument is that goose down pillows tend to be lighter than pillows filled with duck down. They are lighter because the clusters of geese are larger with more air surrounding them.

Duck down usually has smaller clusters simply because they are usually smaller than geese. Larger down clusters are lighter and softer. Pillows filled with the large down clusters of geese will produce a pillow filled with softness. The large clusters provide a great fill for pillows. Here again when comparing good vs duck down, the goose wins.

Goose down is simply the top of the line in pillow fill unless you have an Eider duck down pillow. The Eider duck is very rare and costly to harvest. The bottom line when it comes down to goose vs duck down pillows, a goose down pillow is the choice for most people.