Why am I writing this? It is because I have seen what poisons do to our environment, and how it affects our eco-system, I have listened to ranchers complaining about how their cattle broke their legs by the holes that burrowing animals make, and how they wish their was a method to prevent this from happening, I have heard about farmers losing 20% to 50% of their production, from burrowing rodents like Gofers and ground squirrels.

Things You Will Need

Ranchers and Farmers don't want to use harsh chemicals to rid their rodent issues, as the effects could damage their crops, theses rodents burrow through the roots that support the plants and trees life. The problem of using chemicals can be abundant, when using poisons to rid the rodent issues, they introduce the contaminated animal into the environment, by ether the carcass is consumed by other animals, or is reclaimed by the earth with poison and all. Let's not forget about when they spray chemical, it can seep into the ground and into the water tables, not to mention the health risk it poses to the person(s) administrating the chemicals, if they fail to follow the strict application guide lines. How would you like to drink that water? Then they can talk about the costs, are they able to make a profit or does the purchase of costly chemicals eat those profits away?

Step 1

Well I'm not going to write about this problem without providing a solution, after many hours of research I came across a company that came up with the perfect solution, they manufacture and ship a product called the PERC, or Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller. What it is, a machine that uses pressure and carbon monoxide, produced by an internal combustion engine, by inserting probes into the burrows the operator can quickly inject carbon monoxide, thus eliminating the rodent, and allowing it to be reclaimed by the earth in a natural way. Their solution is environmentally friendly as plant life uses carbon monoxide, Read more about the Biological role of Carbon Monoxide, From Wikipedia. The people at H & M Gopher Control invented and have the Patent on their PERC that eliminates the need to use chemical, explosives, or poisonous bait. You can contact them by using the "PERC" link above or by calling them at: (530) 667-5181 Let them show you how this is an environmentally friendly alternative to using harsh chemical or poisonous baits, and don't forget to ask them on how this will save you money to help increase your profits.

Tips & Warnings

Chemicals are a danger to our environment and ecosystem.

Chemicals are costly and can cause health problems if improperly mixed, or administered.