Gore-tex is completely breathable, waterproof and windproof. This is necessary for team US to preform at their best.


Cons? Gore-tex doesn't have any of those. It comes with a 100% guarantee!

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Gore-tex is an amazing article of clothing. This water and wind-proof material is also breathable, which is nesessary when you are against the weather be it rain, snow or even hail.

Goretex is made out of multiple layers, usually nylon and a Teflon type material. It also has an outer coating that repells water. The amazing thing about goretex clothing is that it is actually made out of numberous microscopic holes, about 9,000,000,000 (yes, thats 9 Billion) per square inch!

These holes are many times smaller than a water molecule which makes the material completely waterproof. The added bonus and true purpose of these holes is that they are also many times LARGER than water vapor, which means that condensation from sweat and perspiration can escape the clothing.

Gore-tex has been used for years for outdoor clothing and sports gear. There are many practical items which are gore-tex, from pants and jackets to gloves and boots. This is some of the best waterproof gear around since it is breathable. Once again, breathable gear means that condensation will not build up inside of the gear. This is extremely imporatant in high preformance sports, such as the Olympics.

This breathability is nessesary when you are preforming in extreme conditions in many types of sports and outdoor activities, like the winter Olympics!

This year the American Olympic team is powered by Gore-tex, which will keep them dry and comfortable. Burton was given the permission to produce uniforms for the Olympic snowboarding team, which have been slightly controvertial yet nonetheless are Goretex.

The Burton Gore-tex snowboarding uniforms are a testiment to the fact that outdoor clothing can be fasionable while still preform to top standards.

Burton has provided high preformance jeans and jackets to the US snowboarding team. You know those pants that the snowboarding team is using that look like jeans? Think they are denim? Nope, they are actually Goretex pants made too look like jeans. These jeans are a high tech preformance gear made to look casual. Practical and trendy.

When watching the winter olympics in Vancouver this year make sure to keep an eye out on the gear that they are using and watch the US team and their completely waterproof, windproof and breathable gear! Watch for Shaun White and Hannah Teter! Go USA, get us those golds!

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