There are many benefits to having a fall wedding. The weather is a bit cooler, but still pleasant and light in the evening; richer foods can be served at the reception; and off-season honeymoon vacations can save you quite a bit of money. Additionally, you can be more creative with your wedding bouquet. Of all the seasons, fall is probably the most crucial time to have an appropriate bouquet. Any beautifully colored flowers work well in the spring and summer, and winter bouquets of red or white flowers look simply elegant among the greenery, creating a subtle holiday feel. In fall, however, it can be difficult to select flowers that are representativeof the season and blend with your wedding palette. Here are some tips for designing or selecting beautiful floral arrangements for your autumn wedding.

Wedding Bouquets

Color Them Beautiful

Here are colors that will look perfectly in tune with a fall wedding:

  • peach/coral
  • bronze/rust
  • yellow/gold
  • cream/ivory
  • burgundy/wine
  • aubergine/plum

While it is not a hard-and-fast rule, pink and lavender shades aren't as well-suited to a fall wedding. These are best left to spring and summer bouquets. When selecting shades for flowers, keep the season and your wedding party colors in mind. Ideally, you will select gown shades that blend with fall colors and are more in keeping with transitional weather: teal, plum, cinnamon, or salmon are great choices that look great on a variety of skin tones. While black dresses are popular, they don't always blend well with fall foliage. The season has a naturally earthy feel to it, and black dresses can be too sophisticated.

Fall Flower Choices

Fall weddings are a great time to make use of flowers that would normally look out of place in a wedding bouquet. Many blossoms that normally bloom in the rich shades of autumn just don't work in the other three seasons, but here, they look just right. Here is a list of some unusual flowers to consider:

  • marigolds
  • nasturtium
  • tiger lilies
  • coxcomb
  • astilbe
  • echinacea
  • sunflowers
  • black-eyed Susans

Your florist can show you many more wonderful options. Brides from the other three seasons will likely be jealous when they see your bouquet!

Beyond Petals

Flowers aren't the only answer. Using other parts of plants can give a harvest-like feel to your wedding. There is a wonderful variety of foliage that can be included with the flowers in your fall wedding bouquets. Consider blending these with your arrangements, and talk to your floral designer about the best way to incorporate them. The truly daring may wish to use these alternatives alone:

  • berries (rosehips, hypericum, viburnum)
  • leaves (oak, maple, dogwood)
  • grains (wheat)
  • fruits (dates, kumquats, crab apples)
  • weeds (golden rod, Queen Anne's lace)
  • grasses (cattails, bunny tails)
  • plants (money plant, lamb's ear, eucalyptus, dusty miller, ferns)
  • herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme)
  • shrubs (berzelia, skimmia)
  • seeds (acorns, tree pods)
  • nuts
  • Indian corn
  • moss
  • feathers

When you walk through the doors of the First Baptist Church, synagogue, or other venue, everyone is sure to be delighted with the unusual floral creation that you're holding!