A great game that combines colorful figurine characters, playing cards, and an exceptional story line, to provide hours of fun play and trading. Originally produced in Europe by Grani & Partners, then migrated to the U.S. via Playmates Toys in late 2008 this game is fast becoming the "in" thing.

These are sold in sets and individually in play sets, individually, gift sets, and multi-packs. Each figure comes with a corresponding information card that has the stats for the character. The figurines are made from colored plastic and are around 2 inches tall. There are also action figures based on the game that have magnetic interchangeable parts, lights, sound and weapons. The action figures sizes vary, but most are 8 to 9 inches tall and are positionable. Originally these were sold in blind packs, but this was changed for more marketability in the U.S.

The Gormiti toys come in 5 races, and many characters for each race. The races are Earth, Air, Fire Water, and Forest, with each class having it's own strengths and weaknesses. at present there are more than 6 series releases with more scheduled releases, and the Cartoon Network will broadcast an animation series sometime in 2009 originally produced in Italian, but dubbed in English. The action figures also come in several series releases, each release adding to the differing characters available.

The game involves a rich story line that makes the Fire Gormiti the evil-doers that are trying to control the island nation of Gormiti by consuming the souls of the various other tribes that inhabit the area. The objective then, stop the Lords of Magma, at all costs.

In the game, players line an agreed upon amount of figures on opposing sides of the table, then take turns attacking the other players figures. Attack and defense is determined by a random number printed on the bottom of the figure and a number on the playing card. The two numbers will be added together and the higher number will "knock out" the opponent. Play is continued down the line until all figures are played with the winner being the one with the most men still standing.

Popular among the young traders and collectors in Europe, this game is becoming much more popular in the U.S. among the gaming community and collectors due to the large assortment of colorful characters, and rich story line. Gormiti figures are sure to stimulate the vivid imagination and please any connoisseur of collectible figurines.