One of the things a trip to Vegas can provide for you is the ability to write a lot more articles. Any case of writer’s block you may have can be cured with a week or longer trip to Las Vegas. No matter what your plans are you will always have unexpected things occur that you can write about. If you plan on partying hard and drinking heavily and being stupid while in Las Vegas then you may even be able to write an entire manuscript for your first book. The point is, while in Las Vegas writers will get a lot of ideas of things to write about.

There are so many aspects about Vegas you can write about that the opportunities for article ideas are truly unlimited. I like to write about Vegas because I tend to earn more money with Las Vegas related articles as opposed to other types of articles. I also love Las Vegas and like reading and visit there so a lot of the Las Vegas related articles just flow out.

There are always famous people and celebrities to be spotted in Vegas. One person not to mess with if you see him is Zou Shiming. Zou Shiming will be fighting in Macau on April 6th but is currently in Las Vegas to do some training with Freddie Roach. You may not recognize the name Zou Shiming yet but you will. Zou Shiming is a Chinese light fly weight boxer who has a lot of talent. This guy is very fast. Zou Shiming is in town training but it also helps to promote the Palazzo Hotel Casino which is also vested in the Macau property. I would love it if as an online article writer someone would call me up and ask me to come work down in Las Vegas for a few weeks writing with all expenses paid. That would be awesome but previously content writers normally do not make as much money as professional boxers.

There are exceptions to this though. If you write 4,000 LV articles for InfoBarrel then you can expect to earn a lot of money each month, and unlike  a boxer you will not get beat up to do it. Well you might get beat up mentally but physically you should be OK. You can always rejuvenate your body with occasional trips to Las Vegas and then while in Vegas you can write even more Vegas related articles and make even more money.

When you are in Vegas I highly recommend you take a backpack, a notebook, multiple pens, a camera, and a video camera. You can also use a basic camera that does both picture and video. IF you take these things with you then you can constantly be making notes, taking pictures, making videos, and doing all other types of stuff related to building your own unique content. You can use all of this material to make money when you get back home and start to utilize all of it for articles.

If you force yourself to write each day then the writing will become much easier to do. If you are like me a trip to Las Vegas will open a flood of ideas that will keep you typing away in the laptop instead of hitting the Video Poker at Sam’s Town. Nothing is more stimulating to my mind and my writing then a trip to Las Vegas. I also get a lot of writing ideas and feel inspired to write when I go camping but nothing as strong as a Vegas vacation.

If you have seen the movie “The Hangover” then you know how wild a trip can be. When I go to Vegas I do not experience anything remotely close to that movie, but I do love to watch people who are trying to mimic and copy what they seen on that movie. If you are going to be drunk and do stupid stuff then you will have a lot of funny things occur to you that I would love to be able to put to stories.

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If you are feeling like you have writers block then you might be able to plan a vacation to Las Vegas and help stimulate your writers mind and get you on the fast track to earning more money from your writing. Here are some tools that will help to make you Las Vegas writing vacation a little easier.

The Google Chromebook is an invaluable tool to carry with you. It boots up in less than 10 seconds and has a long battery life so you can type articles out while out and about. This Google Chromebook is also a very cheap laptop that is well-worth the money.

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