If you've met a Libra, then they have likely caught your attention. They hold a reputation for being attractive and very peaceful people. They avoid conflict and prefer to have everyone get along. They are fun to be around and typically make the people near them feel good. Libras are well known for being quite the flirt. They are very social and, as a result, they are the Zodiac sign that is often chased after. People want a Libra in their life, whether as a lover, spouse, friend, or coworker. However, if you want to attract a Libra, you need to move carefully. Since they are so sought after, they are often hard to catch. You have to work to get this fascinating creature interested in you as well. These are the things you want to do if your goal is to attract a Libra to you. The five key things you will want to try are:

1) Libras are well known for enjoying the finer things in life. They are attracted to the good life and enjoy nice things, fine food, good music, expensive gifts, and lavish events. If you have your eye on a Libra, then you definitely want to pull out all the stops and wine and dine her. This is a much better approach than just to ask her over to rent a movie and order pizza. If you ask a Libra to attend a gala event with you, she will be intrigued. She may not say yes, but she will be curious. Limo rides, hot air balloons, nights on the town, exclusive restaurants and underground clubs are all irresistible to the Libra. This zodiac sign is also known for their artistic side. So if you can appeal to her creativity, you may have a shot as well. Maybe you can catch an art festival or meet a local sought after artist. Dates to unusual spots such as the zoo or the art museum or gallery are a good way to get her interest piqued.

2) Libras do tend to be shallow. Physical appearance is an important issue to the Libra. It's important that you pay attention to your own as well. You cannot attract a Libra if you don't look good. That's just the long and short of the matter. If you need to tone up, get started now. She is not going to be impressed if you've let yourself go. Also, do not overlook your grooming. Clean shaven or a trimmed beard or moustache is a must. Make sure your hair is cut and combed. Clean your fingernails and clip them. And be sure you smell inviting. If you're not sure about your cologne, get someone to help you pick something out. Be sure to avoid bathing in your cologne, however. The Libra is known for their strong sense of smell. Too much cologne will definitely turn her off quickly. Brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant are important as well. The term 'metro sexual' should be in your mind as your groom. A Libra wants someone who takes great care in how they look and how they present themselves to others. Dress yourself stylishly and sharply. Wear flattering clothing that shows off your best features. Make sure your clothes are in fashion. You can be sure the your Libra lady will spend some significant time in front of her own mirror making sure she makes the grade. If you show up at the door looking slouchy or rumpled, she is going to be put out.

3) The Libra is also a zodiac sign that is known for her ability to judge. She is always judging people and situations. She will always melt for the underdog. With her strong sense of justice and fairness, she just cannot help herself. So be aware of yourself as you interact with others. If you want to attract her to you, then you have to treat everyone around her with courtesy. It goes without saying that you had better treat her well. You need to be on your best manners and behaviour. She will not put up with rudeness or coarse behaviour. You need to stay on her good side by treating her in a polite way at all times.

4) Libras like to flirt. It really pumps up their mood and spirit. They often flirt with the opposite sex and it is totally harmless, but that doesn't mean that they don't want you to flirt with them. You want to make sure you hold her eye, smile, and compliment her as often as you can. Talk about her hair, her outfit and how attractive she is. Clever banter is a huge turn-on for the Libra. She is a skilled flirt and she likes that in a partner. Libras tend to touch people as they speak. Sometimes it is unintentional; other times it is part of the flirting. If you are successful in your flirting, then she will touch you more often and send you signals to let you know you are going down the right path. Do not forget to sincerely compliment the Libra. They need to hear nice things about themselves from you.

5) Confidence is a natural aphrodisiac for the Libra. So you must exude confidence at all times. If you are not a confident person, the Libra will have no interest in you whatsoever. You need to seem like you are completely confident within yourself. The only other option is being the underdog with her. Yes, she will be interested, but only as friends. You will never move out of the Friend Zone with her if she perceives you as an Underdog. So if you are romantically interested in a Libra, this is not the way to go. She needs to be the princess. You must treat her like she is a precious gift at all times. You are the shining knight on your horse, worthy of her affection and attention. This will tap into her secret fairy tale fantasy and thrill her. The little things go a long way with the Libra. Do not think she does not notice when you open her door and pull out her chair. She is noting every little gesture. None of it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Be sure to continue that behaviour once you have her interest or you will not keep her.