We've all had crushes at some point. They can be both intimidating and exhilirating, an odd cocktail of emotions that confuses us and makes us unsure about what to do. Fortunately, with some guidance you can turn that crush into a beautiful, blossoming relationship! 



Honesty is Key

Here's the first step. It is easily the most difficult one, which of course means it is the most critical. You need to approach the person you dream about, take them aside where you can talk in private, and reveal exactly how you feel. Honesty is literally the most important thing in these situations, and should be your goal. Don't worry if you're feeling nervous, don't try to hide it. Nervousness is human, it's nothing to be ashamed about, and chances are the person will even find it cute.

Now, the most frequent outcome to a situation like this is an ambiguous response (basically, a maybe). This is not because the person doesn't like you, it is because they are just as nervous as you, if not more, and are unsure on how to act in the situation. Do not press the matter, simply leave it at that and move on to the next step!

Write a Love Letter

Hold on a sec! I know what you're thinking, something along the lines of "Love letters are gay". They are portrayed by society as cheesy and lame, and you probably think there is no possible way something like that could work. Here's the thing though, you've already told this person how you feel, face to face! This is critical, because it shows that you are not simply writing a letter to avoid a face to face confrontation. They still know you have balls.

So why will a love letter be effective? Simple. The feelings have been revealed, and you've successfuly put yourself in the persons head. Now that they've some time to think, and without the pressure of a face to face situation, you hit them with a romantic, beautifully written, and above all honest love letter (by the way, you could just send a text, its the modern equivalent and it is just as effective).

The key here is not to use any sort of pre-written template, but write something heartfelt and honest. And if you think something comes across as too intense, just remember intense is better than ambiguous. There's nothing wrong with being honest.

Some Useful Phrases

  • My heart flutters everytime I see you
  • I hate you because I can't get you out of my head!
  • I know this sounds cheesy, but your smile genuinely brightens my day
  • I'd do anything to make you smile

Once your letter is complete, hit send! Don't think about it, you'll just psyche yourself out and might end up backing away. Remember, love is a gamble, you can't always win, but if if you don't try you will always lose! After the deed is done, just relax and await the response. Arrange a date from there, and enjoy your new relationship!