Goth Inspired Vampire Theme for Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom


   Your teenager has seen all the vampire series and movies around.  From Buffy to Vampire Diaries and all the Twilight movies.  Her idea of a great bedroom would be one that reflects her interest in all things vampire related, especially with a Goth "feel".  How can a goth inspired vampire theme work for decorating your teen's bedroom?  What ideas can you help her choose from, and what colors can be used the coordinate well with the theme?  Black is not necessarily the only color that will work well with this theme.  If you can avoid all black your teen is better of - black absorbs heat, and an all black bedroom will be warm most of the time.  This might be fine in the winter; not so much in the hot summer months.  If your teen is insistent on a black and red combination, try using those darker colors on one wall as an accent wall.  You can go "dark" with the decorations, too. 

  Peel and stick wallpaper borders can be used around the wall.  Look for those with vampires, bats, vampire teeth - even black capes.  Borders with scenes from movies such as Twilight and other vampire shows or movies can also be found either online or in specialty stores that sell wallpaper and related items.  If you are allowed to paint the walls in your residence, or own your own home, try using some stencils to create a mural or vampire scene that can be painted in.   Another unique wall decoration would be a black cape spread out and hung on the wall.  A vampire style cape could be found in any costume store or online. Look for Gothic style picture frames to frame Gothic inspired prints.  Look for hanging bats sold at places like Amazon for added wall decor.  Other peel and stick wall items could include headstones, vampire capes, bats, fangs, full moon scenes, and crosses - Gothic style crosses, of course!  And don't forget the coffins.  If you create a mural with these peel and stick decorations, you could also add some black velvet to make a frame of sorts.  A gargoyle head on the wall makes an nice, eerie decoration. 

  Is there a window in the room?  Velvet style drapes add to the effect of a Goth inspired vampire theme when decorating your teenager's bedroom.  Add a deep purple and black area rug on the floor, or even a smaller scatter rug, for an authentic look.   Other Goth style accessories could include a small lamp with a black lampshade.  Drape velvet cloth over a small display table; a few replicas of small skulls along with some (unlit) candles will lend to the atmosphere.  Miniature coffins and headstones will add to the effect.  Dark candles on other tables or shelves in the room will work well, too. 

  If you can't find bedding with a Goth inspired vampire theme, try using bedding in colors such as black, red, and purple.  Add velvet throw pillows to accent the bed.  If you can afford a wrought iron headboard, or one with intricate wood carvings, you can achieve an authentic goth inspired look.  A four poster bed also makes a great Goth style bed.  Furniture in the room should be dark dark wood, again, with intricate carvings.  If the wood furniture you have is lighter, it can be stained a darker color.   A coffin shaped bookcase could be made if you have a talented carpenter in the family.  Line the shelves with some velvet, and you've got a great case for holding the Twilight book series. 

  One way to inspire your teenager to keep her room neat is a reminder that goth style means "uncluttered".  Try to achieve a balance with the goth darkness, and enough lightness to make the room warm and inviting for your daughter's friends.  A darker room doesn't need to be depressing, either.  With the right touches, your teenager will have  a Goth inspired vampire themed bedroom that will make her howl with delight!