Are you a punk? Goth? Emo, or even a cyber-goth? If you are, and you are looking to buy goth hair extensions, then you'll know it's easier to find them in theory than in practice. If you're in the USA, your search is far harder than those lucky European goths, who have no shortage of goth clothing, accessory and accoutrements suppliers to choose from.

But do not despair (but if you're a goth, you probably will). There are still places to buy your goth hair extensions and traditional sellers who you may decide it's worth taking a look at.

Multi Color Clip In Hair ExtensionGothic Hair Extensions 1 - Quick Fix

For flashes of color, or small coloured hair extensions, it's worth taking a look at Easilites and Put On Pieces (POP). These are individual small sections of bright colored hair that can be added wherever you like. Both are natural hair, meaning they can be crimped, straightened or curled, to suit your style. They offer reds, pinks, greens, blues and more, to complement your look, in 16" or 20" lengths.

Good option for: quick fix color flashes, those on a low budget.

Gothic Hair Extensions 2 - More Permanent Options

If you're looking for more than just a few color flashes, then you need to start thinking about what to do: You can either go with black or other 'natural'(ish) hair extensions and then consider bleaching out sections of your own hair and adding color there. (Stripes through the bangs or just the ends of your bangs look good in another color).

If you're blonde and have real, untreated blonde hair extensions, then there's no reason not to color them (with a natural dye – not a chemical color) – Stargazer, Directions and Manic Panic are the brands to add some colour and interest to your look.

Good option for: Those who don't mind having a neutral colour base for the extensions.

You could also buy some colored hair extensions and have your stylist add these for you. Stargazer make professional synthetic hair extensions that are 120cm long and come in generous bundles. These can be bought from their online UK store and shipped internationally.

Good option for: Those wanting daily wear hair extensions in extraordinary colors.

Dreadlock Hair FallGothic Hair Extensions 3 - Hair Falls

Your other alternative is to consider buying some hair falls. Hair falls are the thick non-natural looking extensions. They come in wool, tubular crin (for cyberlox) – metallic or non-metallic, or as synthetic dreadfalls. Hairfalls cost between $50 - $200 dollars, depending on the style and number of colours/textures added.

Good option for: A totally unique look, that's for one or two nights only.

There are not so many goth and emo hair extensions available in the USA, but the following places are worth checking out:

Regular hair extensions for Goths:

Hair extensions outside of the USA: – great choice of customizable synthetic dreadfalls.