Goths can be found in every city, town and village in the western world and elsewhere. Some of them hide themselves and meet secretly in basements or gather in the village square during midnight in the fluorescent moonlight. However, Goths love wondering alone in the village and believe it to be prejudice life. Most of the people throw stones at the Goths and pretend that they are not with him. Hence Goths now connects with Gothic chat rooms online and enjoy the company of people of similar interest. Though the Goths meet like minded people merely in the world of cyber space but they enjoy the company of Goths.

What are Goths?

Goths were invaders of Roman Empire and were called as Germanic war mongers somewhere in the 5th century. These days, Goths constitutes members of a subculture. They neither are invaders nor are they war mongers. In the middle of 1980s, the fascination and culture started in the United Kingdom. Besides music and punk culture, it was also influenced by the art and literature of the great Victorian romantics. Victorian tastes can be seen in the styles of dress, the black lace, the mourning clothes, everything influenced by the conventional Gothic poems and past literature -- shades of Edgar Allen Poe's lost Lenore.

Gothic Chat Rooms

All the members of the Goth chat rooms don’t feature red lipstick-wearing, white-faced vampire types. Most of the Gothic chat room members are people who want to share their experience of some films, literary genres and music associated with the culture.

The Goths now use the most renowned online chat rooms, to unroll their fingernails or let down their teeth by using the keyboard. The site features a lively forum and provides adequate information on the subject. Members can use put-downs and graphic language, and flaming each other is accepted. The Goths find fun using the site.

MyGoth is yet another commonly used forum for Goths but flaming is not permitted here. Members are expected to respect each other and if any member starts flaming, he is banned. Posts on Goth kittens and baby cows can be expected on this forum, besides provocative and interesting posts about Goth nature. These discussions are enjoyed by Goths and they come back quickly to make a briefing.

GothicGirl is another good forum but it focuses more on paganism and Wicca. The members are mostly interested in arts and entertainments and there are often live discussions as the Goths share their liking for Goth literature, music as well as their stories, poems and photos.

Goth Fashion

Goth Chat rooms feature a fashion board and all the members have keen interest in fashion. Anything seems to be working when it comes to their fashion. However, most of the Goth’s clothes are made or revived by the wearer. All tips on fashion can be found on Goth forum and fashion loving members can take the advantage of these tips for good. Individuality and black is a must to a Goth. Other accessories include black lace, lots of metal, corsets, velvet, leather and chunky footwear, such as high-top boots featuring lace-ups.

Both sexes have extreme make-up and when they are going for a Goth concert or a club, the make-up is very extreme. Goths express their individuality and styles. The Goths need not have full gear for their day to day lives. All kinds of suggestions and ideas to transform a basic wardrobe in to something attractive and charming are offered on Gothic chat sites.

Goth Interests in Film and Literature

There are some Goths that show keen interest in reading Victorian romantics, like Keats, Poe and Shelley, but most of today's Goths read about mayhem, blood and general scary stuff. The Twilight books, Steven King's Dark Tower series are some of their favorites, especially for the youngsters.  Some of the commonly read books in the forum include Poppy Z. Brite’s lost souls, Ashok K. Banker’s Prince of Ayodhya and Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett.

The Goths must-see list usually includes films about werewolves, vampires, ghosts and witches. Some of the popular films watched by Goths are Carrie, Army of Darkness, and Silence of the Lambs.

Goth Trends in Music

The subculture music differs greatly. People prefer listening to anything from death metal and heavy metal to industrial rock and punk. Dir En Grey, The Killers, Dead Can Dance and other Darkwave groups, Japanese industrial rock band, The Sex Pistols, Motley Crue and The Clash are some of the popular bands.

Besides offering a lot in subculture, Gothic chat sites also offer good discussions about pop culture.