Gothic home decorating style has gained traction in mainstream society in recent years. Many people still visualize someone with black lipstick and clothing to be the only people to be interested in this style but the fact of the matter is that many people that are interested in this type of decorating are as normal looking and acting as everyone else. Here we will go over some basics of achieving this decorating style.

Usually, Gothic home decorating is used in one room of a home. Basements, bedrooms, and bathrooms are common areas to find Gothic decor in. Of course, if one wanted to decorate and entire house using this style it would be completely up to that individual.

Walls and flooring become very important if you wish to achieve a Gothic feeling to a room. Black, dark red, silver, and navy are all good colors to consider if you are going to paint your walls or even the floor. Black can make a room seem smaller and feel confined. This may be what you want but if not try one of the other recommended colors. Another, interesting, option is to get some fake stone siding that some people use on the exterior of their house and line the walls and ceiling with it. Some of these materials look very real nowadays and they can create the look of a dungeon or castle. For flooring, I recommend hardwood. Hardwood floors are beautiful anytime and will match your theme perfectly.

Wooden furniture will look stunning, as well. Older wooden furnishings can, sometimes, be found for inexpensive prices and if they are still solid you can use them as-is or re-stain the pieces. Black paint could be used on warn furniture, too. Metal furniture could be useful if you can find quality pieces. Poorly made metal furniture tends to break down rather quickly.

When choosing accessories to complete your room there are many things you can use. Garage sales and thrift stores are a good place to start looking. Some things may be harder to find than others but most can be bought for very little money when you find them. Worn paintings featuring people or houses can be perfect accents. Candles are inexpensive. Silver, red, and black candles placed around the room can serve as decorations and used as accent lighting. Burn them for a while if you are just going to use them for decorating. This is an easy added touch. Metal candle holders are a nice touch. Older candle holders can be painted if they don't match your theme. Arrangements of dry flowers, dragon figurines, or knives or swords on the wall can be fun additions depending on your personal tastes of Gothic home decorating.