A white wedding dress may be traditional but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for it! There are many people looking into gothic wedding dress ideas. When I had my wedding dress in mind, I happened to find it by looking for gothic designs since it had a medieval style—it doesn’t mean opting for the black wedding dresses!

The gothic style has evolved over the years. At one point it was just black but that can look dull and boring for your wedding day. There are now deep purples, sultry reds and beautiful greens that work well to give you the gothic wedding dresses of your dreams. Some of the styles are also medieval, Victorian and burlesque styles to really add your own personality to your big day.

Black Gothic Wedding Dress
Credit: dunikowski

The Black and White Gothic Wedding Dress Ideas

There is nothing wrong with adding some white to your gothic wedding dresses. There are many beautiful ideas around, whether you want something with a 1920s style or you prefer the beautiful and over the top dresses.

If you want to keep it relatively simple, look for the long sleeved, Renaissance style wedding dresses. These can be mainly in white with a black detail or the opposite way around. I opted for the white one with black detail and it had a hood. It was the perfect dress for my tastes but there are plenty of other ideas out there.

You can use the detail on your gothic dresses on your wedding invitations and in table decorations. Your guests will be impressed when they see your beautiful style as you walk down the aisle.

Black and red gothic wedding dress
Credit: Aeltari @ devianart.com

Add a Bit of Colour to Your Gothic Wedding Dresses

Why not switch the white for purple, red, green or any other colour that you prefer. There are plenty of options, whether you stick to the Renaissance style or you look for corseted wedding dresses. You could have a black corseted bodice with a long purple skirt part attached to it or do it the other way around with a beautiful coloured bodice.

Purple is a great colour for gothic wedding dress ideas but red will help you stand out. It could be a bright blood red or the colour of rubies to show off that you’re the bride. You can then add that bit of colour to your bridesmaids, if you want, or let them go in white to look the complete opposite to you.

Royal blue is another colour option. This will really stand out from the black and draw the attention to that part of your dress. Consider matching it to your groom’s tie or the decorations around the venue.

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Wedding dress with a period twist
Credit: In the public domain

Gothic Wedding Dresses with a Period Twist

I’ve already mentioned the Renaissance wedding dresses but there are plenty of other time period wedding dresses that have a gothic style. The Victorian era with the large ruffled skirts and beautiful bows are perfect for a wedding. Green and reds are great colour options to make certain parts of your dress stand out.

There is also the option of using a time period from a different country. Consider the Eastern European style with the long sleeves and high neck collars at the back; they look similar to jackets over the dress. This is also a style that women in the Edwardian times would opt for when horse-riding but is popular in Vampire stories set in foreign countries.

Speaking of the Edwardian time, you could opt for gothic wedding dress ideas from this period. These have high necks and are great if you want to stick to some modesty on your big day. These style of dresses are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes and look stunning when worn. Women with long hair could opt for it up high on their head to really complete the time period look.

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Stick with the White Wedding Dress

Of course, you can still opt for a white wedding dress with a gothic theme. There are many styles that are created with different time pieces, whether you want a Renaissance style, Victorian era or just something a little different from the norm. You could opt for extra colours added, like mine, or choose something pure white to fit the “traditional bride” look.

You can create the gothic look around your white wedding dress. During the 1980s, women would opt for white dresses and then opt for gothic makeup, accessories and even wear their Doc Martin shoes with their dresses! You could opt for a gothic veil or hair style to work with the traditional style wedding dress. There are plenty of opportunities and you can create your dream wedding—it doesn’t have to be a fairytale!

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short gothic wedding dress idea
Credit: Aeltari from devianart.com

Short Gothic Wedding Dress Ideas

Who said that your gothic wedding dress had to be long? There are many shorter ideas for those who want to avoid tripping over their dress! You could opt for calf-length dresses or those that sit on the knee. These are a great way to show off your tattoos or other accessories that you have that would usually be hidden under the long layers of dress.

Short gothic wedding dress ideas work really well when you wear knee-high boots but that isn’t a necessity. Try platform boots to add to the style of your dress. Of course, you can opt for the high-heeled shoes. It all depends on what you feel comfortable in.

Take a browse at some of the pictures of gothic wedding dress ideas and find the perfect one for you. Make the wedding day all about you and your husband and don’t worry what your guests think. You’ll find that most are impressed that you’ve gone for something different and opted to match your own tastes and personality and not just opted for tradition.

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