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Not perfect. Some users report that the meetings did not work out.

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Gotomeeting is the online meeting platform. Although there are other alternatives (such as Yugma, Webex, FuzeMeeting, and Lotus) Gotomeeting is like the Toyota of online conferencing. It's reliable and popular. With their services you can share whatever is on your computer screen and talk to as many as 15 people for each meeting. Users like how it is easy to use, and how you don't get overcharged as you do with some other web conferencing services. The service is easy to set up and use for everyone, as the software has minimal on screen buttons and complexity. Unlike a lot of other online meeting sites, this service does not charge those who have joined the meeting, just the business or individual who has bought the package. The service also doesn't have any lag time even when a lot of information is being exchanged. However, some users have reported that there is significant lag time when you arrange for a meeting between people from other countries as they may have slower connection speeds.

There are some online reviews, which say that the meeting did not work out for them. Clearly, if a meeting doesn't go as planned, it can leave a sour taste with whomever you are trying to conduct a meeting. Despite these negative reviews, there were only a handful of them when compared to all of the positive ones.

Although there are free services, which you can use to talk to pretty much anyone with a computer (mainly Skype), the sound quality of Gotomeeting is superior, which is important when you want to give off a professional business image. It's also very easy to use.

Gotomeeting is free for the first 30 days and costs $49 a month after that. You can also opt for the yearly plan, which will set you back $468. You should have no problems with customer support if you happen to have any technical issues or not understanding how something works. The general consensus from reviews online is that you aren't likely to have technical issues as the software is engineered well.

In its marketing campaigns Gotomeeting advertises that it will save you money by cutting down on travel expenses and time. Before you purchase it you have to make use of its free 30 day trial. Although you may think that an online meeting is adequate, your clients or business partners may disagree. Let's say you purchase the year package for $468, which lets you have as many meeting as you want for up to 15 participants within a year. It is very likely that in terms of opportunity cost saved (in terms of time) and travel expenses not undertaken you will have more than broken even on the $468 price tag. However, if you only use this service for 1 or 2 times in a year for some local participants you may want to reconsider. Yes, this service is useful, but you don't just want to buy it just to buy it. You want to make use of it.

What are some alternatives to this service? Yes, it is useful and yes it is easy. But it is relatively expensive compared to the other online meeting agents that are free. Although Skype is not perfect, it is accepted by many business people, especially in China. Although Gotomeeting's ability to allow users to see what is on their computer screens is neat, you can simply e-mail documents to members and then have a follow up chat using a free service such as Skype, which allows you to talk to pretty much anyone with a computer, or MSN Instant Messenger, which you can use chat. If you are intent on sharing your computer screen with others you can try using CrossLoop, which is free to use.

Final recommendation: Use it, just keep in mind that there are cheaper alternatives, albeit less "professional" and user friendly.

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