Gourmet Cheese Baskets

Photo by Ranveig

Gift Idea - Gourmet Cheese Baskets

While it can be difficult to choose gifts depending upon your relationship to the recipient and how well you know them, most people appreciate delicious food! Gourmet cheese baskets can make an excellent present for the holidays since many people will be entertaining friends and family, allowing them to offer excellent gourmet cheese to their guests as well as to enjoy it themselves. The other nice thing about food basket gifts is that they range in size from the very small and affordable all the way up to the very large and expensive. In this way, you can tailor your gift to your needs. A modest basket may do well for a co-worker or acquaintance, while you can splurge and get a full-sized gift basket full of different varieties of gourmet food for someone near and dear to your heart.

Gourmet Cheese Baskets - Locally or Globally?

Today, you can find gourmet cheese baskets both online and offline. You could visit a specialty shop or gourmet food market and select a basket yourself, as many such shops bring in gift baskets and related items prior to major holiday seasons like Christmas. The advantage to visiting the shop in person is that you can get a real and direct feel for the size and quality of the gift basket before you commit to purchasing it.

Although online shops will most likely offer more variety than your local gourmet shop, you have to factor in shipping costs and time to the entire operation. If you need your gourmet cheese baskets in a hurry, many online shops will charge you extortionate rush shipping charges, knowing that buyers will grow increasingly more desperate as big holidays draw near. Thankfully, you are not totally at the mercy of either local gourmet shops or online purveyors.

Making Your Own Gourmet Cheese Baskets

The nice thing about making your own gourmet cheese baskets is that you have total creative control over their appearance and contents, allowing you to fit your gift exactly to your recipient's tastes. Some basic tips for assembling your own gourmet cheese baskets include matching the visual and the gustatory appeal of your offering. A nice clean wicker basket sets an excellent base tone, and is well complimented by lightly colored cellophane. You can put shredded construction paper in the base of your basket to make a soft bed for the various cheeses. Other essential offerings in gourmet cheese baskets include crackers, wine, bagel chips, spreads for crackers like fancy cream cheese, capers or olives, and tins or packets of fish such as salmon or even caviar. Also try adding a new or different cheese in amongst your recipient's old favorites as an adventurous note!

Some non-traditional inclusions such as specialty or microbrew beer that would pair well with the gourmet cheese might be appreciated. You could also try salami, hot mustard, cracked black pepper and olive-oil infused with herbs and vegetables. The sky's the limit when you're making your own gourmet cheese baskets. Just keep in mind what your friend or loved one would appreciate most on the holiday.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets!