Ever had your heart set on a car that was outside of your budget? If so, this article about government car auctions was written for you. Specifically, we're going to talk about the benefits and peace of mind you'll receive if you buy your next car in this way, compared to similar methods.

Cars sold at government auctions have many perks to them. First, in most cases they come with a free warranty. The average length of time on these warranties is probably around three months, although some are longer, and many of these warranties can be extended if you're willing to pay a fee. (These fees are usually comparatively cheap, too.)

There is also a sense of security and safety that comes with the purchase of an automobile at a government auction. When you buy a car from a dealer or you respond to a Craigslist ad, you have to wonder whether or not you're being ripped off. There are many unscrupulous individuals and dealers who are more than willing to lie to you about some aspect of the car's quality.

By contrast, because the government is not looking to make any profit off the cars they put up for sale-they simply want to unload cars that otherwise will depreciate in value and that are a pain to store away and take care of-you are able to get accurate information about the cars you're thinking to buy.

You can find out the true mileage, the true accident history, what needs to be replaced, and so on. And the variety of cars available from the government is impressive as well. In fact, any car that was purchased through a government contract is likely to someday be sold at an auction, and these vehicles included limos, police cars, school vans, buses, and all kinds of fancy cars driven by high-ranking officials.

To summarize, this article has shown you why it pays to get your next car at a government car auction!