If you want to learn more about government seized auctions, then this article is going to tell you what you need to know. Specifically, we will look at a few general tips for succeeding at these auctions, where to find them, and some of the things you might be able to buy – because these auctions aren't just for cars! By the time you have finished reading, you'll know how to find incredible deals on a variety of high ticket items, simply by visiting a government seized goods auction.

Many different agencies within the United States government hold government-seized vehicle auctions, among them the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Homeland Security the Border Patrol, and the FBI. That list doesn't take into account local governments and law enforcement agencies, either.

One secret to finding the right car for you at such an auction is to try to go to auctions that are sparsely attended. If an auction draws a big crowd, then obviously you will be competing with a lot of people, many of them insiders and auto professionals, and the winning bids will be high.

On the other hand, if you really hunt around, do considerable research on the Internet and on the phone and find auctions that few people know about, or auctions during times when most people are at work, you are likely to strike much better bargains. Similarly, auctions held in out-of-the-way places or in small rural communities will probably yield better results.

Also bear in mind that these auctions are not just for buying a new car. Government agencies foreclose on other kinds of property, and law enforcement officers seize other kinds of vehicles and goods from law-breakers besides cars.

You could attend an auction and find yourself going home with a new computer or refrigerator. If you work in the construction industry you might find small bulldozers or forklifts available at auctions. How about new bikes for the kids? Also very possible. Again, the secret here is good research and careful searching.

To summarize, this article has given you some useful tips and things to bear in mind if you're looking for a government auction in your area.