Most people who are looking for government solar panel grants realize that pv solar panels often don't come cheaply. In fact, they can run on average $12-$15 dollars per kilowatt in your home.

To give you a total cost picture, you could be looking at anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 for installation and solar panel material for your home. The cost could be multiplied many times if you have a business or school

This is why government solar panel grants are often so needed. But most people know that renewable energy is where the world is going. In fact, all of the resources used today, won't be around for ever. So the ability for a solar pv panel to create and store energy just seems like the way to go for most people.

Luckily, there are tons of government grants and incentives for getting free solar panels. But you do have to know where to look. Many times these programs won't just drop in your lap. You will have to inquire about them either directly with your state, county or township and sometimes the manufacturer directly.

How to Get Solar Panel Government Grants?

  1. Call your local government or municipality directly. If you live in Illinois or New Jersey, the good news is that there are government grant state programs for you. For people who live in all other states, there may be federal programs under the Tribal Energy Program or even what the department of Agriculture administers under the Rural Energy for America program, also known as REAP. Most large and substantial grants are for businesses and schools. The other homeowner incentives are filtered down through states and counties, so check there first.

  2. Check with your pv panel supplier and manufacturer which are considering on installing your pv solar panels. Often times, they are provided with government incentives and rebates to make your material and installation cost cheaper. The sad fact is that, you may have to ask about these outright. This information may not just be openly shared with you. So for each general estimate you get from a supplier, manufacturer and installer make sure you ask about grants, rebates and other incentives that the government has given them to make your costs cheaper. Remember these incentives are to help YOU and the SUPPLIER.

  3. Call your energy supplier, often times they have solar panel incentives, rebates and grants as well passed down to them from the federal and state government. Often times they can save you thousands of dollars in material and installation costs.

  4. Check with your tax professional. These people will definitely be able to help you understand solar panel tax laws. And you most likely may be able to write off additional solar panel costs on your taxes. This could be seen as solar panel government grant or rebate, especially if it reduces your tax liability.

  5. Call solar panel suppliers for any cheap or free panels they may have as well. Often times, they just throw this material away when much of it can be reused.


So you see it is possible to get government solar panel grants.