There are many types of government welfare programs that you may qualify for, even if you are not a low income family or single mother/parent. While many of the benefits you can apply for have low income restrictions, some can be attained even if you have a moderate family income. For this reason, knowing as much as you can about the different types of government welfare programs will allow you the chance to apply for multiple types of benefits, perhaps increasing your chances of qualifying for some assistance. Let's look at some of the different types of government welfare programs that you may be able to get assistance and financial help from.

Monetary Payments

When many people think of the types of government welfare programs, they think of a family receiving a check each month. This is a common form, but it's certainly not the only form of help offered. Still, many low income families, single mothers and fathers, and those that have lost their jobs are able to qualify for this type of temporary help and financial assistance. For the purpose of this article, disability benefits are included in this section and are fairly common.

Food Stamps

This is one of the many forms of government welfare programs that many people are able to get help with. The assistance is generally reserved for low income families, but in some cases, income guidelines are adjusted when children are in the home. If you are a low income household, you may want to try to apply for food stamps to see if you can get some help benefits. Food banks are generally not a government welfare program, since most are run by civic groups. Reduced or free school lunches for children would be considered a form of assistance.

Rent Assistance/Low Income Housing

If you are saying to yourself, I need assistance in paying my rent, you may want to explore the various government welfare programs for assistance. You may be able to qualify for this form of help, even if you make substantially more than the poverty level. This is because many low income housing apartments base your rent on a percentage of your income. Rent assistance in its truest form is different, and will typically require you to be a low income household to qualify for this form of government welfare program. 

Child Care Assistance

Single mothers and fathers, along with married parents may wish to apply for this government welfare program. It allows the parent or guardian to work more hours, which can reduce their dependency on other types of financial assistance, allowing the recipients to become more independent. Anyone with children should consider applying for this type of help, since more than just the poor will often qualify for aid. It's one of the most common forms of government welfare programs and many people will qualify to receive the assistance benefits, not just the poor.  If you have children, you could also qualify for a free car seat for low income families.

Health Insurance

Many states offer low income health insurance for unemployed people or those without benefits. With this type of government welfare program, you will be able to qualify, in many cases, if your employer doesn't offer insurance as a benefit. This means that not only low income families will be eligible. Generally speaking, this type of insurance is topnotch, with little to know co-pay and deductible burdens. It's well worth applying for this type of help when you are trying to get assistance from government welfare programs that are out there and available to you. Here are just a few that you may want to consider as you begin your search for aid.


This could include bussing options or even car payment options. This type of government welfare program is available in many areas. It is designed to allow people to get to and from work, so they can decrease dependency on the other assistance options. These types of options have been around for many years and will likely continue to be around for years and years to come. You may be able to get this type of help, too. Make a call or stop by your local courthouse to get more information on the various types of help options that are available. These types of government welfare programs can really help out during times of need, to get you back on your feet.


Many people will be eligible for this form of government welfare program. The elderly, low income families, single parents, and those living in cold winter climates may all wish to look into emergency aid for electric bills. You just may get some help with your heat and fuel bill this year. Your local utilities company can steer you in the right direction to apply for assistance. This type of government welfare program is very common and can really help out during rough times.

Do I Qualify for Assistance?

You may qualify for assistance from government welfare programs. While this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a good idea of whether or not you can expect to get some financial assistance.

Low Income Households: Low income families will often qualify for many different government welfare programs. While it will vary, you can typically qualify for assistance if your income is less than 150% of the poverty level, adjusted for family size. This mean more than just the poor can get benefits.

People with Medical Needs: Disabled people, along with those with moderate to several medical issues, may be able to qualify for various types of assistance. If you have medical issues, find out if you can get some help.  You can apply for social security disability.

Displaced Workers: There are many types of government welfare programs that offer assistance to displaced workers. This could be food stamps, temporary heat and fuel assistance, and even unemployment benefits. In addition, some are able to get a college education paid for. If you are a displaced worker, find out if you can qualify for some government welfare programs out there.

Single Parents: Both single mothers and fathers may be able to apply and qualify for help. Many will be able to qualify for various assistance options.

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