Grab a pair of spy sunglasses and you are ready to record video and sound without carrying a bulky video camera or trying to aim your iphone. These remarkable sunglasses actually have a microscopic camera built into the frames and are capable of recording full video or still shots along with audio.

Not Just For The Professional

These remarkable glasses are not just for the James Bond types. You can record sporting events, political events, family gatherings and many other activities. How about recording the passing scenery as you drive or ride a bike. Some very interesting traffic videos could be recorded as the camera works without causing distraction to the user.

Are you the type that is always carrying a video recorder around in case you happen onto a once in a lifetime scene. No fumbling for the camera as you nervously attempt to catch the Sasquatch monster or that fleeting glimpse of a UFO. Just look in the direction you wish to record, push a button, and these amazing glasses will record everything including sound while you stand frozen in wonder.

Originally developed for the military you can purchase this technology in a fairly wide variety of spy sunglasses with a wide price range. The quality and adaptability of these spy sunglasses will be affected by price of course. They have been developed to the point where reasonably good video and sound can be obtained from glasses costing under $30 and with special deals even less.

Wide Range Of Discount Prices

These low priced models might work very well for the amateur video maker. However if you are a professional and need top quality performance and dependability you will most likely review the higher end products.

You will find a wide range of features with the different brands and price ranges. Here are some of the features you can find.

Interchangeable polarized and clear lenses allowing recording indoors and outdoors.

Playback video on built in play back LCD viewer.

Ability to connect to a computer or TV for larger playback.

Generous amount of memory.

Some of these spy sunglasses have been very cheaply made and may not be worth the investment. However many models

including low end glasses, receive good reviews from previous customers on Amazon and if you are in the market for a pair of spy sunglasses you would do well to spend a little time on Amazon reviewing the various customer comments to be sure you make a good investment.

Here are two examples of the better quality spy sunglasses.

Active i Video Recording Sunglasses with 1.5-Inch LCD Viewer and 2 GB memory (25200)

(12 customer reviews) Active i Video Recording SunglassesCredit: Amazon
List Price:     $199.00
Price:     $92.89 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.
You Save:     $106.11 (53%)

Technical Details

    Instant replaySpy Sunglasses With 1.5-Inch LCD Viewer and 2 GB memoryCredit: Amazon
    Audio and Photo Functions
    Take 640 photos
    Record Videos

KJB Security DVR Sunglasses w/ Micro SD Card Slot

Price:     $149.99

Technical Details

    4GB of internal memoryKJB Security DVR Sunglasses w/ Micro SD Card SlotCredit: Amazon
    Two lenses available: tinted and clear
    720p recording quality (960x720 resolution)
    Wireless remote control with one-button photo capture
    Hard plastic carrying case to protect your sunglasses
    Storage: 4GB Internal Memory
    Video Resolution: 960x720 @ 30fps
    Video Format: AVI
    Video Storage: 12-15min per GB
    Photo Resolution: 1280x1024
    Photo Format: JPG
    Photo Storage: 1000 photos per GB
    Camera Resolution: 3.2MP
    Battery: 240mAh rechargeable battery
    Recharge time: 2 hours
    Battery Life: 70min max continuous video recording, 2 hours music playing, 3 hours photo shooting (1photo/min)
    Connection to PC: Mini USB 2.0

Spy sunglasses can provide hours of entertaining video for the average videographer and for any  professional photographer or investigator they can be the answer to capturing the video and sound  where a normal video camera would not be allowed or would possibly cause unwanted attention.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the available models and customer comments and see if they will work for you.

If you enjoy recording video without attracting attention or if you are in a field where covert video may solve or prevent a crime than you may want to review two other covert cameras.

Watch Camera - 720p HD Video Recording Capability. Stylish Chrome Finishing. 4gb Internal Memory. Your Perfect Spy
Watch Camera - 720p HD Video Recording CapabilityCredit: Amazon
Watch. Video Recordings Only. With genuine SPHERE logo imprint.

List Price: $399.99 Price: $350.00 Sale: $89.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Mini Micro Pinhole Hidden Video Camcorder Pen (AVI format, 640x480, 30 pfs) with 8gb built in memoryMini Micro Pinhole Hidden Video Camcorder PenCredit: Amazon

Price: $44.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Complete Your Covet Video Tool Chest With These Devices

Add these tools to your video recording devices for both fun and profit. Armed with spy sunglasses, a spy watch and a spy pen, you are ready to capture any activity with complete anonymity.