Is God Harmful?

God saves us!

God is not harmful, we all know that, isn't it? However, we really are not aware about the true and living God. Due to this reason, we fail many times. We have fear of God, however, God(Love) and Fear has no relationship or any kind of connection.

When we love, the love works 100% to make us more than perfect. Well, the word 'more than perfect' seems to be unreal, however, when we think about the abundance of His love, grace, mercy and peace, we come to know that we love because He loves us first. When He loves, we learn to love and due to that we need not fear anything. Also, we need to understand that God has no fear. This means that the phrase 'God fearing' is an illusion.

Thanks to God who came into our heart to give us this spiritual wisdom. Well, all of us do not seek God and hence most of us get the Grace of God even without asking Him. That is His love and is there anyone who can say,"Don't love", to God. I want to say that we cannot stop God from loving anyone or all in this world. In fact, we human beings are different and separated by our own thoughts, however, God does not see any separation in anyone of us including Him.

God has no fear, love has no fear because God has mercy and hence love has mercy. When mercy works, fear cannot work because we fear of punishment and there is no punishment in the love of God, isn't it? Those who think that they need to sacrifice all the time and die on the cross will always die, however, there are many who want to live and God comes to them with full Grace. Full Grace!!! 100% Grace!!! 100% Peace!!! 100% Mercy!!!

Well, I am so delighted to tell the world about the Mercy of the living God, the Father. He loves us beyond our imaginations and expectations too. We normally live our life as we would compromise all the time. We are habitual to compromise, however, we really do not understand that God came to our heart so that we may not need to compromise anymore. So do whatever you like and whatever you want to do. You want to dance, rejoice, enjoy, have fun!!! Well, God says,"Do it!!! Now!!!".

There is no harm in doing whatever we like when we keep God in first place. Grace clearly explains that God has no limitation, bondage and law within Him. You want to drink, smoke, have sex, have cakes, chocolates or you want to smooch!!! Do whatever you want, but, do remember that when we keep God in first place, we remain "faithful" all the time. The faithfulness in our heart is the presence of God. Only when God is present in our heart, we remain faithful towards us and others too.

Also, when we keep God in first place that clearly means that we do not worry about any other second place because God becomes everything for us. "Everything"!!! This also means that God becomes money, food, shelter, relationships and everything that you want. The car! The House! The spouse! The children! The brothers! The sisters! The friends!!! What else do you want? Even when you have everything, God still asks us," What else do you want? I have not yet given you a percent of what I have". Well, that is LOVE!!!

Thus, we conclude that there is no lacking and harm when we love. Keep loving and keep God, the Father in first place so that He will give you exactly the desires of your heart. Read more about God  by using the link in my signature. That will lead your towards the eternal love of God through Grace, Mercy and Peace (Charity).