Graceland is a Lovely, Romantic Chapel

A Charming Spot for an Affordable Wedding

When my niece got married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, it was a lovely, charming event.  The chapel was quiet, intimate and attractively decorated. Everything went smoothly from the moment Graceland's limousine picked our group up at our hotel.  Although the ceremony only took a few minutes, the nondenominational minister who performed the ceremony made it feel personal and special.  After the ceremony, we had plenty of time to take photographs outside in their courtyard and gazebo.  Later, the Graceland limousine dropped us all off at the Stratosphere Hotel, where we enjoyed a celebratory dinner at the Top of the World revolving restaurant, with spectacular views of the Vegas strip, and the surrounding area.  Although our niece and her fiancé only spent a few weeks planning their wedding, the Graceland Chapel handled everything efficiently and pleasantly.

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The charming and tiny Graceland Chapel can also provide you with a storybook wedding you’ll never forget.   Graceland is one of the few free standing chapels left in Vegas near the spectacular Strip, pictured above.  The interior of this small chapel is quietly elegant and the owners offer a variety of prices and packages designed to accommodate most brides and grooms.  If you are planning to get married in Vegas, the Graceland is one of the venues you may want to consider.

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History of the Graceland

The Graceland Chapel has been conveniently located for over 50 years at the same location: 619 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89101.  Because of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the city over the past few decades, it is unusual for one business to have existed in the same place for so long.

Graceland has become a famous landmark in Vegas.  Among the celebrity couples who have been married there are Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi, Richard Simmons, Blaine and Robert Trump, Jay Leno and many others.

Types of Ceremonies at Graceland

The Graceland chapel was one of the first places to offer Elvis wedding ceremonies.  However, they also offer traditional, nondenominational religious ceremonies.  My niece’s ceremony was a traditional one performed by a protestant minister. However, I have seen photographs of couples enjoying Elvis weddings, and they all appear to be having a lot of fun!

The price of the ceremony depends on the services you request.  For example, the Traditional Wedding Package, which costs around $200, includes the chapel, music, a three rose nosegay and a rose boutonniere, 6-4x6 photos and 1-8x10 photo, as well as a holder for your wedding certificate.  The minister’s fee is an additional $50 - $60, and you must have already purchased your marriage license at the county clerk’s office before you arrive at the chapel.  Read the article, “Las Vegas Wedding Laws and Requirements” for more information about getting your marriage license.

If you want a ceremony with more of a lively Las Vegas feel to it, you can also choose to have their Viva Las Vegas wedding, which costs about $200 and is performed by an Elvis impersonator, while you listen to the Elvis hits, “Love Me Tender” and “Viva Las Vegas.”  This wedding ceremony also includes use of the chapel, flowers, photos and a holder for your wedding certificate.  The main difference is the type of music and, of course, the opportunity to have “Elvis” perform the ceremony!

Traditional wedding packages can cost up to about $500, and include additional flowers, photographs and a DVD of the ceremony.  The Graceland Wedding Chapel can also provide a variety of other services at an additional charge over the base price of your wedding, such as the Elvis impersonators, web broadcast services, or a limousine ride to and from your hotel.  You may also request that your ceremony be performed in Spanish or French, rather than English.

While Graceland will provide you with most of the amenities you need for a nice wedding, you may also want to order in advance a few other supplies such as confetti, cake cutters, champagne glasses and invitations.

One of Graceland’s most expensive wedding ceremonies is The Famous Dueling Elvis Package which costs about $800.  It includes two Elvis impersonators, more photos, more Elvis songs, and other fun amenities.  Elvis is definitely not dead … at least not in Las Vegas!

The prices quotes here may change, so be sure to check the website of the Graceland Wedding Chapel for current information and to reserve the date and time you would prefer for you wedding ceremony.  See the contact information below.

Wedding Services Provided at Graceland

The Graceland Wedding Chapel also provides some services that are not always available at their competitor’s chapels.  They can offer a choice of either fresh flowers or realistic silk arrangements.  They offer a limousine service, on-site photography, and the option of having a DVD video made of your ceremony.  Depending on the wedding package that you select, some photos are included.  Additional photos can be purchased online.  You are not permitted to have anyone take personal photos inside the chapel, before, after or during the ceremony.  Instead, they have a professional photographer who will be taking photos for you.  However, you can take all the pictures you want in their courtyard or in the gazebo outside the chapel.  The Graceland Wedding Chapel is open from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. seven days a week.

Contact Information for Graceland

If you are in Las Vegas, the local phone number for the Graceland Chapel is (702) 382-0091.  If you are out of town, their toll free number is (800) 824-5732.  They also have photographs of their chapels available online at  In addition, you will find updated pricing information and learn more about these wedding packages on their website.  It is a good idea to make reservations in advance to be assured that the chapel will be available at the time and date you prefer.

If you are planning a Vegas style wedding, be sure to look at all the different options you have.  Check out many different chapels before making a final decision. 

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